Family Location Tracking Feature in Microsoft’s Android Launcher

Family Location Tracking Feature in Microsoft’s Android Launcher


In a new development by Microsoft, the software giant is planning to introduce a new feature of family-location tracking in its upcoming android launcher app. As the name itself suggests the app would be used by people to track their family’s location. Information regarding the apps that are functional on a device will also be a part of the new update by Microsoft. Family location feature has been a matter of discussion in the technological circles and several initiatives are already underway to integrate family location with the web. Hence, the introduction of this feature by Microsoft is the pioneering step towards assimilating multiple utilities in Android technologies.

Nascent Upgrades by Microsoft

The blocking of websites has always been a key feature of Microsoft on Windows PCs, and the company is now introducing the same feature for Android too. The blocking of websites on PCs and mobiles would become much easier through Windows machine, as pointed out in a report with regards to the new developments by the company. ‘Microsoft Network (MSN)- kids’ is another site on the to-do list of Microsoft that would be aimed at catering to information and news for elementary and middle-school children. The news would be curated to fit the needs of the children, and Microsoft has partnered with Popular Science, Time for Kids, and other publishers to launch the newly rolled out feature.

Future of Family Location Feature

The need for tracking the location of families or family members is felt across a wide population demographic. Hence, the new development by Microsoft is expected to be swiftly adopted by people who feel the need for family-location tracking.