Facebook to Roll Out Sustainable Data Center

Facebook to Roll Out Sustainable Data Center


The construction plans for a new data center have already been initiated by Facebook, in the New Mexico region of Los Lunas. The new location is termed as a Sustainable Facebook Data Center. The initiation ceremony was hailed as a bit of a reunion between the representatives of the North American State and those of the other cities. The key intention of the new data center is to be able to function on completely clean and renewable energy.

Landmark for Los Lunas Facebook

One of the officials from the construction site stated that the project will be the one of the multiple ones spearheaded by Facebook, and it is the first one for Los Lunas Facebook and sixth in the world for Facebook globally. Tonjes mentioned that the project is a huge deal for the company if they intend to go all out with the build. The project is likely to rack up an investment volume of US$1.5 bn over the coming 8 to 10 years.

Data Center to be Finished in 2018

Facebook had already sent out adverts for 300 journeyman electricians in order to start work on the early infrastructure, which had started in April 2017. The groundbreaking ceremony is likely to be held in October 2017, and the project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018. The facility is being built by Fortis Construction and will be open for operations in 2018. The overall project will begin with a US$250 mn building and will comprise five additional buildings over the coming years.

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