Facebook CEO Promotes Sense of Purpose in Harvard Speech

Facebook CEO Promotes Sense of Purpose in Harvard Speech


CEO of social media giant Mark Zuckerberg, returned to his university, Harvard on Thursday in order to provide graduates a commencing address. The speech was filled with appeals to build a connected world where everyone has a sense of purpose. The speech was wide-ranging and revolved around topics such as universal basic income, education, volunteering, charity, and climate change. He advocated globalism and said national and fighting authoritarianism the main struggle of this time.

Highlights of the Speech

The address by Mark Zuckerberg was the thematic contradictory of President Donald Trump’s speeches and with some of his sayings, he positioned himself as anti-Trump. During his speech at the Harvard, the 33 year old CEO of Facebook spoke on behalf of the same millennial generation as the graduates of the Harvard’s. He also spoke on making large and meaningful projects and going forth with new ideas. He emphasized on the fact that there does not exist only a single eureka moment in one’s life for inspiration. Eureka moments can be many.

Other Concerns Raised by Zuckerberg

On returning to his old university, Zuckerberg called on to the graduates to help in addressing climatic change before the planet is on the verge of being destroyed. He asked them to seek the help of millions of people for producing and installing solar panels. He also raised several possibilities for online voting, personalizing education, learning about the human genome, and curing diseases. Other themes in his speech comprised wealth inequality and explore ideas relating to collective basic income.

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