Facebook Abandons Experiment after Chatbots Talk in Bizarre Language

Facebook Abandons Experiment after Chatbots Talk in Bizarre Language


Facebook, Inc. disclosed that it has to abandon an experiment aimed at creating artificial intelligent programs used by chatbots, since they showed behavior not intended of the research results. These bots were programmed to develop their language for negotiations for a trade and further the bartering skills among themselves. The researchers had to abort the initiative, as in the process, the bots created their own language that was largely incomprehensible to humans and hence not very useful.

The chatbots were handed hats, balls, and books, each assigned a particular value, and researchers programmed them to participate in trade negotiations. The researchers endowed them with freedom to develop their own code words in English for concluding the negotiations. But strangely, the researchers soon found them to be chatting in bizarre language peculiar to themselves. 

English Used by Bots for Negotiation Made Them Unworthy of Human Interactions

One of the researchers at Facebook commenting on the programs opined that such deviations are not entirely unexpected of. Indeed, the way chatbots kept repeating their names in some of the negotiations implied that some rules of the human language were followed. However, the codewords that chatbots developed here were found to be way off the mark. This meant that these bots are likely to prove futile for the people who will control them in future.

Facebook also made it categorically clear that aborting the experiment was not because it was afraid of the results. The program aimed at improving human interaction was abandoned because the bots were not doing the work as expected, the company reiterated.

Furthermore, as argued by a prominent linguist Mark Liberman, the entire process results in a system using the language—words, phrases, and sentence structures—largely uncharacteristic of human languages.

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