Employee Monitoring Software: Balancing Privacy and Protection Inside Your Business

Employee Monitoring Software: Balancing Privacy and Protection Inside Your Business

The digital era has transformed the average workplace. Organizations are growing at an exponential rate, making work more dynamic and digitalized which is increasing management challenges for organizations around the world. Companies are focusing on monitoring activities on servers especially to monitor employee activities. Hence, it’s normal for businesses to consider using employee monitoring software.

Is it good idea to install EMS?

Without Employee Monitoring Solutions, it is vastly difficult to find whether the employees are doing their work, how much time they spend working and how much work they actually get done. This is a big problem which may reflect badly on growth and productivity of any business in the long run. Employee monitoring software keeps track of outgoing and incoming chats and e-mails, application and website usage, comprehensive file usage, interaction of windows with internet packet data, desktop screenshots, software installations, keystrokes typed and others.

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EMS- Better for Employers, Greater for Employees!

EMS gives employers a chance to find talented and hard-working individuals from all over the world and use their potential. It’s not only useful for employers, but employees as well. They get a chance to prove how many hours they spent on working. Hence, employees don’t have to worry about unfairly getting fired or being paid less.

On the basis of type, EMS can be devided into two types in which cloud based monitoring solutions are expected to grow significantly owing to it’s rising adoption.

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Lack of awareness regarding the functioning of employee monitoring solutions and legal and ethical issues concerning privacy and security of employee is a major challenge in the growth of the EMS market.

Major players such as Monitis, Teramind and Veriato 360 are adopting different strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, investment in R&D, developing advanced and innovative technologies, etc. in order to gain competitive advantage in the market.