Emirates’ Unveils Fully Enclosed First Class Private Suites

Emirates’ Unveils Fully Enclosed First Class Private Suites


In a bid to fill their seats with high-fliers, airlines world over are unveiling new luxury features and functionalities every now and then. And Emirates, an airline synonymous with high-end luxury, is the latest to come up with more eye-popping amenities to transform the experience of flying from bearable to downright enjoyable.

To that end, Emirates ploughed millions of dollars for the redesign of its Boeing 777 that banks upon NASA technology and Mercedes-Benz’s flagship car’s aesthetics. As a result, the upgraded first-class suite has “zero-gravity” leather seats, the first virtual windows for passengers seated in the middle aisle, and private suites inspired by Mercedes-Benz. 

Closer Look at Top-grade Amenities in Cabins 

As far as the first class suite design is concerned, to elaborate further, they have sliding doors from floor to ceiling for proper privacy of high-flying fliers. In addition, they have four square meters of personal space colored in hues of cream, soft greys, and champagne. The leather seats are soft and those in private cabins can be unfolded into a flat-bed which can be put in a “zero gravity” position – so that you feel weightlessness. 

Another major draw – the first virtual window for suites located in the middle aisle with help of real-time camera technology to show the view from outside the aircraft. 

Of late, it has been noticed that competition in the sky has been heating up. Singapore Airlines, for example, just came up with a full-flat double bed for its first class cabins. In response, one of its main competitors Emirates has rolled out evermore luxurious amenities to bring about top-line growth.

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