EMC Filtration Market: Technological Growth Map Over Time To Understand the Industry Growth Rate

EMC Filtration Market: Technological Growth Map Over Time To Understand the Industry Growth Rate

EMC filters reduce the transfer of electromagnetic noise between the drive and mains power supply. With the miniaturizing of the electronic circuitry and increasing clock frequency, the EMC market is growing rapidly. By using an EMC filter or a series of filters it is possible to significantly reduce the levels of unwanted signals entering and leaving the electronic equipment. When developing filters for use in electromagnetic compatibility, EMC applications, the EMC filters are  always low pass filters, although at times bandpass filters may be used. The reason for using low pass filters is that typically interfering signals can be filtered by allowing the low frequencies through and rejecting the high frequencies.

EMC filtering can be placed at any or every level of assembly between segregated areas of circuitry. When a higher level of filtering is required, the external EMC filter can be added to either a drive which already has the internal EMC filter, or a drive without EMC filter. Better performance is achieved by using a filtered drive and the appropriate external EMC filter. Manufacturers of electrical equipment and systems have to develop and manufacture the products on the basis of advanced technologies as well as to the applicable standards and laws and to deliver them in a safe condition to the customer. The EMC Filtration market has a great potential across many industry verticals.

The potential is very high in the current situation as well, due to the strict EMC directives and standards. EMC filters are important components which prevent interferences in machines as well as systems. They reduce the interference emissions and also improve the immunity from internal and external interferences.

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Need for smaller as well as cost effective device, stringent EMC standards, rising need for commercial products and need to achieve higher energy efficiency are some of the primary factors driving the growth of the global EMC filtration market. The growing demand of EMC filters is connected to their ability to promote the operation of electronic equipment in close proximity to electromechanical devices without degrading the performance and the output of the particular device. Ever changing policies and directives as well as high cost are some of the factors hampering the growth EMC filtration market. Efforts are being taken by many companies to upgrade their research and development activities to introduce innovations in this field.

The global EMC Filtration market is segmented on the basis of load type, industry vertical, and region. On the basis of load type, the market is segmented into single phase and three phase.  Most of the single phase EMC filters are suited for use with switch-mode power supplies for telecommunications, data systems engineering, industrial electronics and DC applications. On the basis of industry vertical, the global EMC Filtration market is segmented into medical, defense, automobile, renewable energy, consumer electronics, telecommunication and commercial.

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The major application of EMC filters is in energy-efficient drive systems. Such filters are also used in automotive sector and it has gained significant priority from the past few years. Commercial products have always been one of the most receptive applications in terms of adoption of the EMC filters. Geographically, the EMC filtration market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Some of the key players operating in the global EMC Filtration market are PREMO Corporation S.L., EPCOS AG, TE Connectivity Ltd, Schaffner Holding AG, Astrodyne TDI Corporation, Total EMC Products Ltd., ETS-Lindgren, REO, TDK Product Center and DEM Manufacturing Ltd among others.