Electrified Road in Sweden to Battle Pollution

Electrified Road in Sweden to Battle Pollution


Sweden is charging ahead in its battle against pollution – well quite literally. Recently, a group of people from the eRoadArlanda project, electrified a part of a road near the nation’s capital Stockholm. The electrified stretch will now be tested by a truck which is powered by battery. This is in line with the Transport Administration’s vision on accomplishing carbon neutrality by 2050.

Project Costs Less than Building Tram Line

Keen on containing pollution, the government of Sweden has been earmarking substantial amounts year after year to do away with fossil-fuel powered vehicles that emit noxious fumes into the atmosphere. The most recent one in this direction is more focused on a road technology, instead of a vehicle technology, to power vehicles plying on it. Some have likened it to a real slot car system for humans.

This is because slot cars are miniatures the size of toys that move on a track which provide power through a metal drop-down rod present in the undercarriage that fits into an electrified slot created on the track.

In the road project, the test truck too has drop-down arm which fits into the road to make contact with an electrified element which conducts power to a battery onboard. The team of researchers working on it created a two-kilometer-long electrified slot on road between Arlanda Cargo Terminal and the Rosersberg logistics site in the vicinity of Stockholm. Along with the other vehicles, the test truck too would be allowed to ply on the road as well. The cost of installing the electrified element was far less than building a tram line.

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