Do I Really Need to Worry About Domain Name Privacy?

Every domain name owner might have come across Domain name privacy or WHOIS protection while registering their domain names. While you register each domain name you will have to enter your contact details like name, phone number, address etc which will be available for the world to see and contact you when required, and this is called WHOIS record.

Many of us feel that WHOIS information protection is not required or is a waste of money while registering your Domain name, but there are many disadvantages of leaving your contact details and information out there in the open for people to look at. You can use Bluehost discount coupon codes in order to save money on such web hosting or domain names.
What are the problems if Domain name privacy protection is not done?
1. Domain name privacy protection if ignored, all your contact information, like name, phone number, address and other details which you have entered to register the domain will be available in a n Open and unrestricted Database for everyone to look up easily.
2. Spam mails: Each and every spam company can get your details through this by searching for WHOIS information of your site and start sending Mails which can be a real pain. You will also be getting Phone calls and SMS if you have given your phone number.
3. Calls and Messages: If you are running a website based on a certain topic if you have not provided domain name privacy and your information is out in the open you can expect calls in the middle of the night about a new product regarding your website niche or a person telling you that he/she can help increase your traffic and double your earnings.
4. Cannot Hide Niche Sites: In case you are into having multiple niche sites and are hosting them in one server then without Privacy Protection your opponents can easily track down the list of Niche sites you are having and your details as well. So if you want to keep your identity and your niche sites a secret getting domain name privacy is very important.
How does Domain name Privacy help?

You can get domain name privacy or Private Domains with extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .cc or .tv and there are many companies which are offering WHOIS protection for free along with Domain name registrations and in others you need to pay a certain amount of money to get this privacy and pay for the protection every time you renew your domain name. By activating the Domain name Privacy options you will be able to get the following benefits from it.

  1. Hide your Contact information from going public on the Internet
  2. Control Spam Mails
  3. Control Spam Calls, Messages and Stalkers.
  4. Hide your Niche sites from Competition

It is a matter of what type of website or business you are into which will help decide whether to use Domain name Privacy or not but getting Private domains with Domain name privacy will give you additional protection and confidence for running your website or business.

Domain Name Privacy Cases

For someone who is new into the business of domains and webmastering, having the privacy for your identity is very important because nothing is really trustable in the world of Internet, and you could easily hand over the domain to some hacker who attempts to steal away with their own tricks. There are other reasons though, for keeping the domain name privacy, but in simple words, it’s better that you do that if you do not have much knowledge in the world of domains and websites.

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