Diaper Market-Increased Adoption of Diapers

The world diapers market, amidst changing consumer dynamics, is showing shift in growth patterns. Many newer markets and lucrative opportunities have come up, especially in developing economies. Use of diapers as a sanitary product, which was earlier restricted to the baby segment, has seen a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. There is increasing acceptance of diapers amongst the adults segment too. These demographic trends are driving the growth of this market across all geographic regions. Emphasis by leading diaper manufacturers on product innovation and repositioning has further helped in retaining the growth by providing consumers with more discretion.

The global diapers market is difficult to crack on account of high entry barriers. This is mainly because of the steep upfront capital required to set up the manufacturing units for making products. In addition, mandates pertaining to commercialization of diapers manufacturing and several clinical trials needed to approve products, which makes it tough for players to taste profits immediately is also dealing a blow to aspiring entrants.

Because of such challenges, the global market for diapers is dominated by a few big ticket companies. SCA Hygiene Products, Kimberly Clark, Unicharm, Kao Corporation, Procter & Gamble, and Hengan are to name a few of them.

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As per a report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for diapers was around US$63.2 bn in 2017.

The different types of diapers available in the market these days are training diapers, cloth diapers, swim pants, and disposable diapers. The disposable diapers, among those, are witnessing maximum sales at present. They are mainly comprised of ultra-absorbent diapers, super-absorbent diapers, regular diapers, and biodegradable diapers. Of these, the biodegradable diapers are primarily helping the segment of disposable diapers gross considerable revenue. Geographically, Europe is a leading regional segment. However, going forward its growth momentum is expected to slow down owing to its market getting saturated.

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Reduced Infant Mortality and Rising Incomes Makes Baby Diapers Major Revenue Generators

Numerous factors are serving to boost the market for diapers which primarily consists of products for infants and adults. Currently, baby diapers are mainly driving sales on account of their greater demand. This is owing to falling infant mortality rate worldwide – particularly in developing and underdeveloped nations owing to strengthening healthcare, rapidly rising urban population, growing disposable incomes of people, and more women stepping out for work. The adult diaper segment too is contributing substantially to the overall market owing to a large pool elderly worldwide. “Rising social awareness, bettering health standards, and surge in chronic diseases often causing urinary incontinence and ostomy have resulted in rising demand for adult diapers,” explains the lead analyst of the report. Our in-house team of expert analyst predict that adult diapers will soon become a strong contender in the overall diapers market.