Developer’s to be at the Forefront of Misty Robot’s Crowd Funding Campaign

Developer’s to be at the Forefront of Misty Robot’s Crowd Funding Campaign


A new advancement made by Misty Robotics is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in the domain of automation and robotics. Misty has been doing well on the front of robot-manufacturing and chances are that the company would get another major leap with this the new robot. The robot is named Misty II and is primarily meant for developers while it has been portrayed as a development platform by the company. Misty Robotics has launched an innovative crowd funding campaign to ensure a regular inflow of capital for the new line of robots.

Genetics of Misty II

The vision of the Misty Robots is to streamline the use of robots for day-to-day tasks at offices and homes. There is a wide range of utilities including entertainment, basic tasks, and other applications involving mobility that can be accomplished by robots. Since Misty Robots aims to find a place for Misty II across homes and offices, and simultaneously make it an indispensable part of it, the company’s CEO believes that it is rational to put it across for developers. This is because developers will be able to build apps and deploy cases for the robot, which would test their efficiency.

Key Features

Misty can be easily used by people who are not well-versed with technology using the Misty Block client which is a new interface that creates mew capabilities for robots like walking, roaring, talking, and more. It would be interesting to see how Misty II performs on the front of automation and robotics.