Despite Rising Popularity Electric Trucks Have a Long Haul as Per Experts

Despite Rising Popularity Electric Trucks Have a Long Haul as Per Experts


Inbuilt with the latest features and promising to be eco-friendly, electric trucks are currently basking in their moment of spotlight. However, there is still time before they can replace diesel-run trucks until they overcome cost challenges.

Several leading companies are gearing to jump into the bandwagon, lest they miss capitalizing on the prevailing opportunity. For instance, Tesla Inc. has plans of unveiling their semi-tractor trailer soon. This will market the company’s foray into the trucking sector after a decade of focusing only on car and SUV manufacturing. Meanwhile, celebrated German automaker Daimler AG exhibited their electric semi only last month and are hoping to put a few on sale in the next few years. In addition, Ryder, which is a leading truck rental company has recently added 125 electric powered vans to its fleet manufactured by a California-based start-up – Chanje.

Demand for Electric Trucks to Surge in Coming Years

Glen Kedzie, who serves as the energy and environmental counsel at the American Trucking Associations has a very interesting way of explaining the prevalent trend. He says it is much like a checkered flag is waved. The industry in the last couple of years has witnessed various fuels come and go, and now it is electricity that has come at the fore. In response to the declining battery costs and the increasing options, global sales of electric trucks are poised to surge exponentially. According to recent researches, utilities, mail services, and delivery companies are forecast to emerge as the front line purchases of electric. Also the demand is expected to be high in China, the US, and in a few developed countries across Europe.

As per reports, a majority of electric trucks on road will have a medium-duty vehicle design much like garbage trucks and delivery vans. These trucks are emission-free and quiet. To get it going all you need to do is plug it in charge for the upcoming shift. With even more technological advancements on card, and manufacturers taking keen interest in making electric trucks more affordable, in the upcoming years we can expect to witness a larger fleet of electric car on road.