Dependence on GPS to reduce with Introduction of Quantum Sensors

Dependence on GPS to reduce with Introduction of Quantum Sensors


The engineers in U.S are working on a new technology called quantum sensing technology. This technology offers a safer and secure navigation approach and also reduces the dependence on GPS, the most popular navigation technology used across the world. Global positioning system or GPS is getting exposed to hacking, which provides some precarious security risks in a range of applications from controlling air traffic to communicating through satellites. One of the professors at the University of Toronto, Canada, stated that it is both exciting and challenging as quantum sensing technology will pave way to pioneering methods in terms of measuring things. He further added that only quantum sensing can offer solutions for security issues and meet developing needs in instrumentation technologies.

Quantum sensors rely on something called squeezing effect, where photons help in precisely measuring the position of a location or a place. With respect to navigation accuracy, he stated that GPS cannot function in North or South poles and underwater areas, where quantum sensing technology is likely to work efficiently.

Rapid Evolution of Quantum Sensing Technology to Offer Defense Capabilities too

Not only this, quantum sensor helps to offer solutions for security breaches, since the technologies based on this don’t depend on functioning of satellites unlike GPS, thus making them less prone to spoofing and hacking. Moreover, as the navigation technologies are quantum enhanced, there are less chances of hacking when a location is not accurate.

People all over the world have been facing huge difficulties with GPS tracking. It has also been witnessed by people that many a times they have reached a wrong place or an unfamiliar city due to inaccuracy of GPS installed into their smartphones. However, with quantum sensors, these challenges are likely to be overcome. The researcher also added that it is of utmost importance to understand and analyze the defense capabilities offered by these quantum sensors.

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