Demand for Effective Customer Relationship Management to Stimulate Global Digital Marketing Software Market in Forthcoming Years

The popularity of digital media is a key factor that drives the global digital marketing software market. The adoption and extensive use of digital media can be observed in every walk of life today. Digital marketing as a promotional medium develops and maintains customer relationships via online activities.

Web analytics, CRM (customer relationship management), email software, marketing automation software, and e-commerce software are a few of the vital tools that are used in digital marketing. The return on investmentbrought about by the adoption of digital marketing is way more than the conventional marketing techniques. Presently, marketing via social media is the ongoing trend in the world of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Businesses these days give immense importance to quality customer relationship management and are constantly striving towards greater marketing effectiveness. These two factors have played a very important role in shaping the overall digital marketing software market. Mobile technologies and social media technologies are the result of continuous technological developments. The evolution of these two platforms has brought about a major shift in consumer patterns and trends.

Most organizations these days are adopting geomarketing techniques, which make use of the GPS technology for delivering multimedia content. This content is customized as per the customer base present in a certain location. Organizations present digital marketing software for customer relationship management by identifying particular patterns of consumer behavior in various channels.

What Propels the Global Digital Marketing Software Market?

The services that are offered in the global digital marketing software market are managed services, professional services, and deployment and integration. The two modes of deployment incorporated in the market are on-premises and on-demand/cloud. On the basis of end users, the digital marketing software market is segmented into education, government, healthcare, IT and telecom, retail, manufacturing, entertainment and media, and others.

Factors which drive the global digital marketing software market are high demand from organizations for managing huge volumes of their structured and unstructured data, growth of the social advertising and social media platforms, and rising popularity of mobile advertising with greater usage of mobile devices. However, a glaring restraint in this industry is the scarcity of skilled personnel.

As regards the future growth of the digital marketing software market, high investments and the surging demand for big data analytics will present several opportunities for market expansion in the forthcoming years.

SaaS Based Solutions to be the Cornerstone of Growth

Some of the key companies operating in the global digital marketing software market include Adobe Systems, Salesforce Inc., Microsoft, HP, Oracle, IBM, and SAP. The digital marketing software market at present is characterized by widespread adoption of SaaS-based services and solutions.

Silverpop, a provider of digital marketing technology established by IBM, is engaged in offering services such as mobile solutions, lead management, and email marketing. Silverpop’s digital marketing platform that is cloud based is known as Silverpop Engage. This platform uses and analyzes individual customer behaviors and data which is gathered from various sources for driving real time customer interactions at a personalized level.