Deep Science AI debuts at Disrupt 2017, displays Crime Sensing System

Deep Science AI debuts at Disrupt 2017, displays Crime Sensing System


Defendry – a hi-tech surveillance provider acquires Deep Science AI. Debuted on stage in 2017 at Disrupt NY, Deep Science AI made a live demo of its surveillance capability at the event. The company showcased the functionality of its computer vision system that can spot a mask or gun in CCTV footage. This can serve to raise an alert for an imminent crime.

Deep Science AI claims its AI – driven surveillance capability helps reduce significant investment on personnel. Typically, in a chain of 20 stores with 3 cameras in each store, humanely it is possible to monitor only 8 – 10 feeds at one time. Hence, to make the best use of cameras significant personnel investment is required.

Instead, Deep Science AI serves to be a middle layer for surveillance. In the event of shady situations such as guns drawn it can highlight the same. Thus, it becomes humanely possible for one person to monitor hundreds of feeds. Though a good pitch at Disrupt NY 2017, the tech company did not bag the cup of the year.

TechCrunch Battlefield served gainful Take-off platform for Deep Science AI


Nevertheless, the TechCrunch battlefield served to be great for the initial take off. For the company to receive a name and showcase its capabilities, said Deep Science AI co-founder. Following this, Deep Science AI received pilot requests from some well-known names in the retail space. Unfortunately, insufficient infrastructure makes it uncertain for actual deployment of the system, the co-founder added.

Automated security patch and integration with servers and hardware of private companies, these things need to be sorted for deployment of the system. The entire monitoring has to be around AI rather than the other way.