Data Center Security Market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2014 to 2022 reaching a value of US$ 11.77 Bn in 2022

A data center is an archive which contains facilities like servers, firewalls, networking components like switches and routers. Data center also contains security facilities like fire suppression system, backup machinery and air conditioning system to maintain the temperature within the stated limit. Size of the data center varies according to the storage requirements. Data center is primarily responsible for an organization’s Information System (IS). All the important information is stored in the data center due to which necessary security measures are taken to protect the data center. Security systems such as firewalls are used to protect the data from unauthorized sources and climate control systems are used to maintain the right temperature according to the climatic conditions. Moreover, smoke detection is used to gain protection from fire and video surveillance systems are used for monitoring the data centers.

The global data center security market was valued at US$ 4.05 Bn in 2013 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2014 to 2022 reaching a value of US$ 11.77 Bn in 2022.

Data centers are the main repository of information for any company and therefore it must be protected withhigh security measures. Two main functions of a data center are to store the incoming business data and to distribute the stored data to various trusted sources. Middleware systems are used to control the flow of data coming in and going out of the data centers. Amount of information generated has increased withthe increasing internet usage. Analytics are used to mine required data from vast repositories increasing the storage requirements. Also, regular backups are mandatory to protect stored data and maintain separate versions further increasing the storage requirements.

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Technological developments have resulted in increased threat to the data centers as growing network architecture means more access points for the attackers to get in. Presently traditional methods of data protection are not efficient. Enterprises are moving their data to cloud platforms, mobile platforms and other linked systems. To control this complex infrastructure modern technology must be used instead of the traditional methods. Major data center security service providers profiled in the report include Cisco Systems, Inc., Juniper Networks, Inc., McAfee, Inc. (Intel Corporation), Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd., Fortinet, Inc., IBM Corporation, Dell, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., Symantec Corporation, and Trend Micro, Inc.

The global data center security market has been segmented on the basis of component and geography. On the basis ofcomponent, the market is segmented into logical (software), physical (hardware) and services. Increasing adoption of cloud computing and virtual services is driving the data center security market. Organizations worldwide are switching from traditional storage options to data centers in order to increase their operational efficiency.

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Based on component, logical (software) segment is further classified into threat and application security, access control and compliance, and data protection. Threat and application security is the largest sector in this segment, however, data protection is anticipated to be the fastest growing sector in this segment during the forecast period. Services are further divided into managed services and consulting services. Managed services is the major sector in the services segment due to the high adoption rate of cloud technology.

North America led the data center security market in 2013, accounting for approximately 40% of the global market revenue share and is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period from 2014 to 2022. The primary driver for the data center security market in North America is the government rules and regulations for data privacy and security. Asia Pacific and Europe are anticipated to hold a promising growth for data center security market in the coming future.