Critical Weather Prediction Apart from Environmental Monitoring is Now Possible through JPSS-1 Launched by NASA and NOAA

Critical Weather Prediction Apart from Environmental Monitoring is Now Possible through JPSS-1 Launched by NASA and NOAA

JPSS-1 Launched by NASA and NOAA

Meteorologists can now expect to get data on atmospheric temperature, sea surface temperature, clouds, sea ice cover, ocean colour, fire detection, and volcanic ash through the JPSS-1 satellite. The JPSS-1 satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to join the NOAA /NASA Suomi National polar orbiting satellite. With the JPSS-1 satellite, meteorologist will get improved data on weather forecasting and as this satellite can predict a hurricanes track, it will assist with the post-storm recovery by visualizing the damage done through a storm and geographic extent of power outages.

ABB Canada and Harris Corporation developed the critical element, the interferometer, to the Cross track Infrared Sounder (CrIS). The interferometer is one of the important instruments which make up the U.S. polar orbiting meteorological satellites. Approximately 200 employees in Canada have been working on the CrIS program. The team also built a similar system for the predecessor of JPSS-1, which has been orbiting since 2011.

The JPSS-1 satellite crosses the equator 14 times daily, circles the Earth from pole to pole, and provides a full Global coverage twice a day. Polar satellites are being considered as the backbone of the global observing system, and the JPSS is one such system which is a collaborative effort from NASA and NOAA. The remarkable improvement on account of scientific advancements and advanced technology in observation in JPSS-1, has given it the ability to provide critical prediction of weather, as well as the ability to monitor the environment.

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