Creative Uses for Hidden Cameras

Did you know you can record high quality audio-video from something as small as a pen or a door peephole? Modern technology has made hidden video surveillance cameras an affordable and easy to use tool for anyone looking to enhance their personal security. These surveillance devices are a superb way of protecting and monitoring family, employees, and property; they can also be used in a number of other ways—even entertainment!

Recording and Monitoring Your Pet

Have you ever wondered what Fido does when no one is around? A dog—unless it is a very smart dog—might not require the use of a hidden device; these devices are so effective and affordable they make for a great audio-video recording tool in general. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what goofy things your pet does when you aren’t around? These devices give you the option of either recording and watching later or watching in real time over any web connection. Imagine catching Fido being naughty when the family is out of the room and being able to call home and have someone stop him in the act. If you are a huge pet lover you can also use the camera to watch your beloved pet while out of town or at work.

Catching Kids in the Act

Has someone been sneaking in treats before dinner and no one will fess up? Now you can finally figure out who has their hand in the cookie jar. They are also excellent for more serious safety concerns involving children. The discrete manner of these cameras allows them to be placed anywhere; you can watch the pool to make sure no one swims when you are away, make sure no one is snooping around in your bedroom or other private areas, and make sure your teen isn’t having a big party when you are out of town. Whether it’s about having fun or maintaining a safe home, these neat little audio-video recorders will do the trick. Their reasonable prices and easy usage make them a great option for watching your baby or toddler too.

Learning About Customer Habits

Surveillance cameras are great tools for catching shoplifters and unscrupulous employees. If you own a customer service or sales related business, you likely know the value in understanding consumer habits. Placing a concealed device will allow you to watch how your customers shop and interact with your products. This video is a great tool to help you optimize the set up of your business and where to place products. You can never know too much about your customers.

Practical Jokes

Imagine being able to convince a friend or family member that you are psychic or can see through walls! You can watch your video in real time from any device with a web connection; there are also portable monitors available with some units. You could place a small monitor on your lap while playing a friendly card game—imagine the shock when you start reciting the cards your opponents are holding. Using hidden video surveillance cameras for light hearted pranks can be a real blast. You will likely come up with a number of fun and creative uses for these hidden devices. Whether you want to have some fun or use them for security or business concerns, these cameras will be a valuable addition to your everyday life.

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