Countries Tempted to Adopt Killer Robots

Countries Tempted to Adopt Killer Robots


Experts in robotics as well as those working in the artificial intelligence sector have always been of the opinion that killer robots must be banned. However, the ban got implemented only now. Once the Pandora box of killer robots is open, it would be hard to close. With terrorism spreading everywhere, the ban was much awaited. 

Countries Tempted to Adopt Killer Robots 

Unmanned combat air vehicles developed by BAE and others are already in the market. The potential advantages of killer robots are making killer robots hard to resist for many countries who wish to adopt them, despite the ethical misgivings. Killer robots can open fire without human control. 

Ethical and Safety Issues of Prime Importance 

It is of utmost importance that autonomous technological systems be ethical and safe. It is also important to avoid robot-inflicted harm to people. Ethical issues cannot be determined easily. ists are intimately linked to the changing nature of wars in this era where terrorism and insurgency have become so common.

Battlefields Adopting Weapons made of Latest Technology 

Battlefields and armies are making fullest use of technological advancements and using deadly weapons. Warfare are using latest technology and the invention of steel smelting opened the Pandora box and profit is being drawn from it. Telling international arms trade that killer robots are banned is equivalent to telling soda manufacturers not to make orange juices.