Copper-based Alternative for Manufacturing Next-generation Electronics

Copper-based Alternative for Manufacturing Next-generation Electronics


Japanese scientists developed the technology of transforming copper-based substance to material with mimicking properties of expensive metals. The metals such as gold and silver are expensive and their prices are increasing day-by-day.

The new copper-based nanoparticles have promising applications for producing electronic devices that depends on gold and silver. This might make them possibly the most suitable during manufacturing of electronic components by using printing technologies.

The advancement of the internet of things (IoT) has immediately expanded the interest in dainty and wearable electronic gadgets. Earlier, existing arrangement of copper nanoparticles is imperfect due to the presence of pollutants mixed with material. Thus, development of copper nanoparticles at room temperature is not possible. Also, these lines couldn’t harden into usable parts. Recently, it has been one of the obstacles, making it the same as gold and silver parts.

The team from Tohoku University collaborating with Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd in Tokyo reported that they have developed copper nanoparticles. These are with the capacity to set at much lower temperatures while staying pure.

Benefits of Using Copper in Electronic Circuits


Copper has been an alluring elective material in the planning of electric circuits. The most vital piece of utilizing copper is changing it with the goal that it cements at low temperatures. Until this point, it was troublesome that the fact of copper promptly communicating with dampness is corrupting the work.

Numerous strategies indulged in an investigation were successful for modifying the structure of the carbon. Thanks to this the researchers successfully made it steady and manufacturing copper-based semiconductor.

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