Convert Scanned PDF to Word for Free


Have you ever found yourself in the following situation at your workplace? You come to work, login to your business email account and find an email with attached PDF file that needs to be edited pronto. So, you quickly search for and drop it into the first online PDF to Word converter you come across. You wait for a bit and then receive your converted file. You open it in Microsoft Word and find that the conversion quality is so bad that it would be faster to simply print our your received PDF and retype it in Microsoft Word, than deal with the conversion output you got. If this sounds familiar, chances are that you’ve come across a scanned PDF.

 Generally, there are two types of PDF files:

  • electronically generated (also called “native”), and
  • image-based or, as they are commonly referred to, scanned PDFs.

 The difference between the two is that native PDFs are created from an electronic source and they are a lot easier to translate into editable file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher. Scanned documents, on the other hand, represent an image of a paper document that’s exported into a PDF. This means that any scanned PDF is basically an image. Text is simply an image representation of characters. As such, scanned documents are very difficult to convert using most free online PDF conversion services.

Conversion of text from scanned or, as we learned from the text above, image PDFs, requires special technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Most free online PDF converters don’t use this advanced conversion feature. One of the rare ones is Investintech’s free online scanned PDF to Word converter. This service converts all types of PDF files into Word thanks to an integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. OCR recognizes characters in the image PDF and translates them into an electronic format, leaving you with a text-based, completely editable Microsoft Word file.

The entire conversion process takes 3 clicks (check the image below for graphic illustration of the process):

  • Select the file you want converted to Word and clickOK.
  • Type in the email address where you would like to receive the converted file.
  • ClickStart.


Almost immediately you will receive an email confirmation that your file has been sent for conversion. Soon enough, you will be emailed a link to your converted file. Make note that you’ll have 24 hours to download it, after which it gets completely deleted from the conversion service provider’s servers as a file security and privacy protection measure.

One of the key benefits of Investintech’s free web-based scanned PDF to Word solution is that it utilizes the same OCR technology implemented in their well-known desktop PDF converter Able2Extract. This ensures the high quality and accurate scanned PDF conversion output. However, it should be noted that the conversion quality largely depends on the quality and resolution of scanned PDFs.

Furthermore, this is a viable solution for anyone who doesn’t have time to inspect and identify the type of PDF they want translated to Word, and just want a quick online PDF to Word conversion. The added benefit is that the tool is completely free for any number of conversions and files. The only price a user pays for the quality and accurate extraction of text from their electronically created or image-based PDFs is viewing a few ads along the way.