Consumers Wary of Autonomous Car Problems

Consumers Wary of Autonomous Car Problems


In the latest research carried out by JD Power regarding the preferences of car buyers and owners, there has been one factor most significantly visible: a very high number of consumers are concerned about the complications that come in tow with self-driving cars. These include the components that are available in the market commercially at present: blind spot warning services and systems, anti-collision systems, and autonomous cruise control. 

Self-Driving Technologies Face Growing Complaints

The overall trends displayed in the report show that the number of complaints from consumers regarding the latest autonomous technologies has increased over the past year. While this is not really a significant increase in number, it is still something to consider seriously for all car makers before completely diving into the commercial aspects of self-driven cars. The WSJ, for instance, had earlier listed all issues that consumers currently have against cars and car makers, and nearly 34% of the complaints were directed towards adaptive cruise control. Consumers are currently preferring to drive non-autonomous vehicles, or autonomous ones that have the option to turn these functions off. 

Consumer Perspective on Self-driven Cars Grows Negative

With more and more issues being pointed out in the current generation of self-driven cars, consumers are increasingly harboring negative images regarding the future of the automotive industry as it zeroes in on its autonomous future. Consumers are commonly of the opinion that when car makers cannot set the perfect parameters for even lane assistance and similar simpler functions, they are not going to get completely autonomous features right any time soon.