Coin Dozer Cheats – Earn More Points and Advance to Higher Levels

Coin Dozer is  a game touted as a digital version of the addictive arcade coin-pushing game. The goal of this game is to earn cash and prizes by pushing coins with the coins you drop into the machine. Cash and points are only earned if they fall to the front part of the coin dozer machine. Those that fall to the sides become wasted coins and prizes.

This game may sound simple but there are those who are unable to move to the next level or earn the scores they would like to earn. Fortunately (for these less than skilled players), there are useful cheats to use.

The game wasn’t written to be invulnerable to those who want to make it through the game without actually going over the hurdles. The following are the most useful cheats for Coin Dozer if you want to earn more points and proceed to more advanced levels.

  1. Using a Coin Dozer Hack Tool

There are cheat tools on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to make it easy getting everything you need to cheat Coin Dozer’s system. These hack tools, just like other apps, need to be downloaded and installed on your device. They make cheating easy but you have to make sure you are downloading a legit hacking app.

As much as possible, install only those that come from the official app stores. Don’t download third party tools (apk or ipa) that could pose security or malware risks on your device. Compromising your phone or tablet just to cheat on a free game is definitely not worth it.

  1. Cheating by Changing the Time

This is perhaps the easiest and safest among other Coin Dozer cheats available. It is actually similar to what can be done with many other mobile games. It works for both the iOS and Android versions of Coin Dozer. The great thing about this cheat is that it does not need any rooting (for Android) or jailbreaking (for iOS). It saves you the trouble of having to spend real money when you run out of coins to play.

The steps for this cheat are very simple. All you need to do is to force close the game and advance your device’s system time by at least one day or 24 hours. After changing the time, start the game again and you should be able to see your coins restocked.  Repeat these steps as necessary. Obviously, this cheat is simply to restock your coins so you don’t have to wait for the game to do its normal one-coin-per-30-seconds (while actively playing the game) or one-coin-per-9-minutes when you are just letting the game run in the background.


  1. Cheating by Hacking

This cheating route is only intended for those who have some reasonable level of understanding in doing hacks on mobile device software. Jailbreaking for iOS devices and rooting for Android are also necessary. If you have no experience jail breaking an iPhone, for example, or rooting a popular Android device like a relatively old Galaxy SII, it’s better not to resort to hacking to cheat. A faulty hacking can damage a device and void warranties for new phones or tablets.

For iPhones and other iOS devices

You will need the Cydia market on your iOS device to be able to install iFile or other similar file search programs. iFile is not free (costs around $4) but it can be used for other more important tasks. You can search for further instructions online on how you can modify Coin Dozer to behave in your favor.

For Android devices

The iFile counterpart for Android is the Root Explorer but there other similar tools you can use. Similarly, Root Explorer is not free but it is also useful for other important tasks. The hacks involved will be complicated. You need to search for instructions specific for your device and software version.

Coin Dozer is not a very difficult game but if you really find it hard getting through the next levels or earning your desired scores, you always have the option to use the cheats mentioned above. Just be sure you are still enjoying the game as you cheat instead of simply addressing your frustration.

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