Cloudflare’s All Set to Put Privacy First, Announces DNS Services

Cloudflare’s All Set to Put Privacy First, Announces DNS Services


Cloudflare, the rising giant in the field of internet security and web performance, recently launched their consumer DNS service known as The date of the launch, April (4/1), was decided in accordance to the four ones occurring in this date, as because as blogged by Matthew Prince, the company is made up of geeks at heart.

DNS is essentially a dictionary to the internet, and everything regarding with the web starts with the DNS, report the enterprise. Thus, with, Cloudflare aims to offer two key benefits of a speedier internet connection, along with privacy to the user. The company maintains that they are intensely focusing on providing privacy to their customers, by ensuring that all DNS query logs are wiped out within twenty four hours.

The way that connections are encrypted enables your browsing data to be sold and monetized through ad-targeting. However, using VPN and extremely secure connections can reduce the risk to data exposure. Thus, Cloudflare’s could be an effective measure to protect your data against unwanted vulnerability.

However, while offers a secure DNS, as Matthew Prince clarifies in a blog post that a private enterprise is being paid for ensuring that their code is running smoothly. So if you need a completely ban on any third parties getting hold of your internet activity, you are probably much better off using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Or wait for the launch of the Oblivious DNS project.