Cloud Based Platform to Dominate the Web Design Services Market in Future

The term web design comprises different skills and departments that are needed for making and maintaining websites. Largely, ‘web design’ generally means the part of the process that is associated with the front-end of the website also includes writing the markup.

DIY Solutions for Web Design Drive B2C Platform for Small Businesses

Do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions using low cost tools such as Homestead, Squarespace, and Weebly have created a B2C platform for small businesses. The DIY solutions offer a limited selection of templates that are pre-designed to create a basic web design. The idea of DIY solutions is simple – to offer a process that is fast, uncomplicated, and fun for amateur web designers. In spite of this, only 3% websites are created using DIY solutions owing to the difficulties faced by amateur designers to complete the process. As a consequence, only 1%-3% of registered amateur designers have their work published on an internet domain.

B2B Platform Account for 70% of the Web Design Services Market

The millions of websites that are added every month is a professional organized activity that is driving the web design services market. At least 70% of the websites are developed following a professional process that involves using pro-developers platform. The B2B solutions offer web designs that have advanced custom features, and Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

However, the drawback of the process is the manual effort that is involved on the part of the web developers to convert static graphic design into functional websites. The manual effort involved for developing such websites is expensive that takes 70% of the budget that may challenge the web design services market. Additionally, web designers are sidelined in the process, because they cannot always execute their work in real time and do not always have direct communication with the clients.

‘Weby do’ the Online Community for Creative Web Designers

The web design services market was until recently dominated by DIY solutions that offered B2C platform for amateurs designers and B2B solutions for professional designers and developers. A new segment that is led by ‘Weby do’ has emerged in the web design services market. Weby do is only one of its kind full service platforms for creative designers for B2B solutions. The advantage of Weby do is its cloud software, which facilitates designers to produce and manage several pixel-perfect websites without the need of hiring developers or writing the code for the design.

Solutions that offer several advantages such as an accentuated web presence and custom-built or customizable features will gain a lead in the web design services market. Adoption of web design services is likely to be high in the small and medium businesses segment because entrepreneurs in this segment are more cost-sensitive. Thus, the larger the suite of features and customization opportunities, the greater will be the success achieved by web design services providers in this market.