Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air Captured with a Novel Device

Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air Captured with a Novel Device


Researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) developed a novel that can produce water from thin air. The device designed can capture the water from clean air under sunlight and later discharged when warmed. Researchers made a statement by saying Earth’s air is the vastest renewable source of pure drinking water. Various trials were performed to tap this renewable water source, but all of them have proved to be either expensive, inefficient, or too complicated. This device developed by researchers employ nontoxic salt, stable, and inexpensive calcium chloride.

How the Device Works and Ensures Water is Suitable for Drinking?

The water collected is suitable for drinking and can be a game-changer for billions of people who lack access to drinking water. One of the researchers at the university revealed that the salt attracts water and absorbs a lot of vapor from thin air. Eventually, this vapor converts into a pool of liquid. He further added that this deliquescent salt could dissolve itself by soaking up moisture from the air. Also, one of the major concerns for using calcium chloride is its property of turning from a solid into salty water. To overcome this hurdle, researchers integrated this salt into the hydrogel. This hydrogel can hold together a tremendous amount of water while continuing to remain stable. Furthermore, they added a minimal amount of carbon nanotubes, to make sure the collected vapor could be released. One of the most crucial features of the hydrogel is its low cost and high performance. Another researcher revealed that going forward, we would like to enhance the absorbent hydrogel to discharge harvested water constantly.

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