CES Unfolds the World’s First ‘Foldable’ Android Phone

CES Unfolds the World’s First ‘Foldable’ Android Phone

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is taking place right now in Las Vegas. Shocking innovations and amusing technological advances form a key part of the event each year.

Chinese company Royole launched a foldable screen smartphone at CES this year. The device is the flagship product, as Royole was founded in order to create flexible displays. The device, named ‘FlexPai’ seems rushed into production, as Samsung’s foldable phone is just at the horizon.

Impressive Foldable Hardware

The phone is an Andriod tablet, with a 7.8 inch diagonal. When folded, it essentially becomes two Android phones. There are two slots provided for SIM cards. There is an auto-detection system that slides content onto whichever folded screen is being faced. When opened, content spills back onto the entire screen.

The full display has a 1920 x 1440 resolution. This reduces to its half when folded, because of the remaining LEDS in the disused part of the OLED screen. However, it is susceptible to hypersaturation, dimming, and color banding. The FlexPai is reportedly quite robust, and does not break when approaching fully folded position. It simply snaps into a closed, stiff form.

Software Takes a Backfoot

The device’s software and basic operation is not up to expectations. The unfolding and folding of the device makes it go haywire, and confused. Apps get stacked over each other, sometimes overlapping with widgets. There is no logic or control.

The phone is on sale for 8,999 Yuan in China. Its developer version is also available for the US audience at $1,320.