New Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Preview With Specifications By

Samsung has officially announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The phone had already shown up in various leaked images over the past few months so it was only a matter of time before it was officially unveiled. Let’s look at the key features of this new Android smartphone. Design: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a polycarbonate plastic body that measures 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.9 mm

T-Mobile iPhone Contracts Unique In Crowded Market – And Help Boost iOS Market Share

When T-Mobile announced that it would be offering the iPhone, it created quite a bit of buzz, not the least of which because the company brought the phone to market with some unique contract options. Among those was a $99 down payment price (compared to the competition’s $199 purchase price with contract) and the ability to purchase an unlocked contract (as opposed to the standard two-year contract being offered by

6 Things You May Not Know About The Samsung Galaxy S4

When it comes to the cream-of-the-crop in the mobile device wars, companies like Samsung, Google, Apple and Nokia are known for constant streams of innovation with every new edition of their respective smartphones. The recent Samsung Galaxy S4 has thrown down the gauntlet with a host of novel features, many of which have been catalogued in various print magazines and online sources.  The following is a selection of 6 of

Domain Name Registration Options

In an age dominated by the internet, businesses and individuals need to understand the importance of having a website. Whether for commercial or personal reasons, a website is a very powerful tool for reaching out to the rest of the world. The process of creating a site begins with the registration of a domain name. A domain simply refers to the string of keywords and extensions that are available for

New Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera Specs, Price And Review By Tech You N Me

Good: Quality of video and sound captured while video shooting, the body is quiet light, has got a responsive touch screen, good noise control, easy to carry. Bad: not a big improvement than previous generation, Viewfinder could have been a little brighter; Charging by USB is not possible. Canon a trusted name in digital camera has been manufacturing quality camera from quiet a low time EOS 700D is the company entry level

5 New Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers/Web Developers

The advancement of technology has been one of the essential tools we use these days. Many have competed in the line of programming but only few came to the top. Chrome for example, has formerly just been considered in the short list of the internet world but today it has grown to be the most popular, number one preference software, and extensively used browser programs all around the world. With

Top 5 Best Dual SIM Smartphones You Must Own

A few years back when you used to carry dual SIM phone, you had only one statement to say, “These are so clunky and unappealing. But now these statements have become cliché as dual SIM phones are taking hold of the cell phone market in the world. Now, dual SIM phones have come up with much improved and powerful specifications. If you are a working professional, you never want to

Idea 3G Aurus III Specification And Review

Well we have already discuss idea ID 920 entry level smart phone in our earlier discussion today we are going to talk about another smart phone launched by idea though it partners ALACTEL a subsidiary of TCL, China, which is released simultaneous with Idea ID920 but the former is an entry level smart phone while the latter is a much advanced version than its sibling now let’s find out what

New Lava Iris 405 Review By

Welcome to the world of Smart phone today we are reviewing a latest smart phone of Lava iris 405. Lava is launching smart phone quiet quickly and these is the latest from its stable so does it do justice to it name? Does its stand apart from a lot many of smart phones that are present in market? Let’s find out Design and Build Quality The iris 405 is a

Major Emerging Development Trends Of Software Development In 2013

Software development is constantly evolving with the evolution in technology and in fact, it has also matured in the past few years. The reason of so much development is because technology can never be stagnant. It needs to constantly meet the needs of the people associated with it. A software developer can never afford to be left behind. Moreover, he actually needs to be up-to-date with the latest development trends