Toyota’s New Robot can Play Basketball

Toyota Motor Corp.’s robot, named Cue 3, hardly misses a free throw or a 3-pointer. It showed this ratio during a demonstration at Tokyo suburb on Monday. The engineers say this ratio is worse than usual. They added that it estimates the basket in 3D using sensors and adjusts motors inside arms. Further, it uses knees to throw a ball at a right angle. These efforts by robots are very

Study Examines Feasibility of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

Despite advances in technologies, we have to long way to go for the commercial airplanes based on fossil fuel and batteries. A recent feasibility study by the University of Illinois explored the potential of fuels or batteries and reduction in the carbon dioxide emission. Phillip Ansell, assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the College of Engineering, explained the process. He added that in the energy supply is

New Technology to Combat against Vehicle Number Plate Thefts

Researchers are ready to introduce technology testing to improve vehicle identification. The technology is also able to combat against number plate thefts or misuse. One of the technologies called radio frequency identification (RFID) sticker, which is under trial, is working efficiently. A front screen of vehicle could find application as a third number plate. This is the most effective way, researchers from La Trobe University in Australia claims. This self-destructing

Its Time to Say Goodbye to Gmail’s Inbox App

Google’s inbox app, a customized version of the Gmail app will shut down by the end of March. Google’s forgotten social network, Google plus will follow suit as well. The development is likely to cause soar moods among users. However, Google’s official announcement is not surprising. Google plus had failed to generate buzz and fallen behind quickly to its main competitor, Facebook. On the other hand, Gmail’s inbox was quite

New Feature of Chrome to Ensure User Privacy

A new feature in a developer version of Google Chrome exists, and it will be available in other browsers. This feature will allow blocking of websites for accessing data from motion sensors, light sensors, and gyroscopes. This feature is now available for protecting the privacy of users accessing Chrome from desktop and Android versions of Chrome. During testing of the feature, they observed that they were able to collect information

Bird-claws to Support Drones to Rest

Drones have applications in countless areas but the usefulness is limited when they are in the air. With special claws attached, the drones can perch on with ease and substantially expand their flight time. The team of researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology has developed claws inspired by the birds and bats. The journal Science Robotics published details of the claws and systems. The team had noted many

New Web Authentication Standards to Reduce Need for Passwords

The new web authentication specifications standards are good news for people who usually forget passwords. The latest authentication standards can enable access to devices using biometrics. Security experts have maintained passwords and their efficacy for a long time. Those can be hacked due to data breaches, as passwords drain from the brain due to human’s forgetful nature. Web users are struggling to remember passwords since internet crime is becoming rampant.

A New V3 Supercharger to Cut Down Charging Time 

Tesla is set to roll out a third-generation Supercharger, designed for lowering the charging time for its electric vehicles. The V3 Supercharger – unveiled on Wednesday at the Fremont, California. Model 3 of the charger is able to support the rate of up to 250 kilowatts. With this rate, the V3 can add up 75 miles in 5 minutes. Charging time has a crucial role in sales and acceptance of

New Smart Stop Signal to Reduce Road Accidents

The U.S. Department of Transportation states that half of the road mishaps occur on rural roads. This might be due to darkness or speed of vehicles at intersections. In order to avoid these accidents, there are numerous ongoing initiatives by non-governmental organizations and the government bodies. Also, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) are trying to improve the visibility of stop signs. The researchers have developed

This Algorithm Promises to Safeguard Your New Credit Card

Did you know that electromagnetic radiation and variations of power in your digital setup box or credit card can be used to hack them? Not to worry, researchers at the University of Wyoming and the University of Cincinnati (UC) have found an algorithm to seal this loophole. The aim for designing devices like credit cards, smart keys, and cable boxes was to deliver efficiency while the security took a hit.

Amazon’s New Tech Vests Helps Robots Respond to Human Presence

Amazon has launched a new tech vest for its workers in over 25+ sites. These sites are mostly warehouses, where robots and humans work in close proximity. The safety kit looks much like a pair of suspenders with a built-in signaling system which cautions the robot. Amazon reported that the system has noted over a million signals so far. The new suspender kit promises to carry a lot more safety

Disney loses a billion in streaming amidst Netflix worries

Disney lost more than a billion dollars last year, in a bid to capture the elusive streaming horizon. The company’s Hulu stake cost 580 million dollars to the company in equity investments. Similarly, its BAMtech investment in a streaming technology cost the company more than $469 million dollars. BAMtech helps Disney power ESPN+ and other over the top services. Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+ is likely to be launched in

Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

In recent months, major tech firms are approaching towards the development of strong policies against facial recognition. Microsoft is leading the way on that front. They are putting stricter policies for greater regulation and requesting fellow companies to follow them. Google SVP Kent Walker confirms the company’s agreement for not selling facial recognition APIs. This action is expected to stop verbal abuse using facial recognition. Facial recognition technology is regarded

Google Introduces Innovative Technology for Journalists

Recently, Google has been coming out with a lot of innovations and new ideas to help the news industry to make use of the Artificial Intelligence. For this purpose, the company has tied up with the London School of Political Science and Economics, Polis so as to develop the project of Journalism Artificial Intelligence. This project is considered as a part of the Google News Initiative. This is likely to

After 20 Years of Inception, Google to Appear More Like Social Media Rather than SERP

Google arrived 20 years back with its first Search engine, engineered from a garage, today has seven products that are utilized by over a billion people each month. The innovation of the web at the time implied that you could find where a site page links to simply by perusing its code; however the best way to discover where it is connected from is to see it connected to from

Facebook to Launch Tool to Monitor and Curtail Political Content

Facebook is conveying an Ad Archive API for US agencies and distributers that will enable them to dissect political and issue-construct promotions that keep running in light of the stage. The API will be at first propelled in the U.S. The API will build responsibility not only for Facebook but rather for publicists, also. With this new API analysts and writers can all the more effortlessly break down Facebook promotions

With MIT’s New TARF, Submarines Can Now Speak with Airplanes

MIT analysts have a new framework that is intended to beat a longstanding hindrance with communication between the air and underneath the water. Remote submerged sensors are as of now unfit to impart information to sensors ashore on the grounds that the signals ready to movement through the air disperse rapidly in the water. In the meantime, acoustic signals (sonar) signals sent by submerged gadgets reflect off the surface of

Fax Machines at Your Office May Be The New Target For Hackers

Scientists at Nasdaq-reported Check Point Software Technologies said that fax machines — which still live in numerous workplaces — have genuine security issues. Those vulnerabilities could possibly enable an aggressor to take touchy documents through an organization’s system utilizing only a telephone line and a fax number. The discoveries were exhibited Sunday at the Def Con programmers’ meeting. The examination exhibited vulnerabilities in the HP Officejet Pro All-in-One fax printers.

Longer Lasting Smart Phone Batteries Now Possible Due to 3D Printing

Designers in the US have built up a 3D printing strategy that could prompt inconceivably enhanced limit and charge-release rates for lithium-particle batteries. In a joint effort with the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the group would 3d be able to print a microlattice structure that enhances the limit and charge-release rates of lithium-particle batteries. Rahul Panat, an associate professor of mechanical building at Carnegie Mellon University, and a

Kenya to Receive Internet Access with Loon’s High-altitude Balloons

High-altitude balloons will now deliver internet access to remote locations in Kenya as the country has been chosen as the home to a Google-affiliated firm’s first announced commercial deal. In 2019, the country will receive access to 4G/LTE cellular network as Loon shares office with Telkom Kenya. Central Kenya is the place where Loon’s high-altitude balloons will be tested. Its inaccessible or mountainous terrain makes it difficult for service providers