Amazon’s New Tech Vests Helps Robots Respond to Human Presence

Amazon has launched a new tech vest for its workers in over 25+ sites. These sites are mostly warehouses, where robots and humans work in close proximity. The safety kit looks much like a pair of suspenders with a built-in signaling system which cautions the robot. Amazon reported that the system has noted over a million signals so far. The new suspender kit promises to carry a lot more safety

Disney loses a billion in streaming amidst Netflix worries

Disney lost more than a billion dollars last year, in a bid to capture the elusive streaming horizon. The company’s Hulu stake cost 580 million dollars to the company in equity investments. Similarly, its BAMtech investment in a streaming technology cost the company more than $469 million dollars. BAMtech helps Disney power ESPN+ and other over the top services. Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+ is likely to be launched in

Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

In recent months, major tech firms are approaching towards the development of strong policies against facial recognition. Microsoft is leading the way on that front. They are putting stricter policies for greater regulation and requesting fellow companies to follow them. Google SVP Kent Walker confirms the company’s agreement for not selling facial recognition APIs. This action is expected to stop verbal abuse using facial recognition. Facial recognition technology is regarded

Google Introduces Innovative Technology for Journalists

Recently, Google has been coming out with a lot of innovations and new ideas to help the news industry to make use of the Artificial Intelligence. For this purpose, the company has tied up with the London School of Political Science and Economics, Polis so as to develop the project of Journalism Artificial Intelligence. This project is considered as a part of the Google News Initiative. This is likely to

After 20 Years of Inception, Google to Appear More Like Social Media Rather than SERP

Google arrived 20 years back with its first Search engine, engineered from a garage, today has seven products that are utilized by over a billion people each month. The innovation of the web at the time implied that you could find where a site page links to simply by perusing its code; however the best way to discover where it is connected from is to see it connected to from

Facebook to Launch Tool to Monitor and Curtail Political Content

Facebook is conveying an Ad Archive API for US agencies and distributers that will enable them to dissect political and issue-construct promotions that keep running in light of the stage. The API will be at first propelled in the U.S. The API will build responsibility not only for Facebook but rather for publicists, also. With this new API analysts and writers can all the more effortlessly break down Facebook promotions

With MIT’s New TARF, Submarines Can Now Speak with Airplanes

MIT analysts have a new framework that is intended to beat a longstanding hindrance with communication between the air and underneath the water. Remote submerged sensors are as of now unfit to impart information to sensors ashore on the grounds that the signals ready to movement through the air disperse rapidly in the water. In the meantime, acoustic signals (sonar) signals sent by submerged gadgets reflect off the surface of

APAC to Benefit from Alibaba’s Slew of Cloud Products

Alibaba Group has propelled a large number of cloud items for the worldwide market and reserved Asia-Pacific as a key area for development. And keeping in mind that it is a comparatively young player in the worldwide cloud scene, the Chinese web giant is playing up its childhood, territorial datacentre impression and also worldwide product launches -, for example, Anti-Bot Service- – as key differentiators against products such as Amazon

Fax Machines at Your Office May Be The New Target For Hackers

Scientists at Nasdaq-reported Check Point Software Technologies said that fax machines — which still live in numerous workplaces — have genuine security issues. Those vulnerabilities could possibly enable an aggressor to take touchy documents through an organization’s system utilizing only a telephone line and a fax number. The discoveries were exhibited Sunday at the Def Con programmers’ meeting. The examination exhibited vulnerabilities in the HP Officejet Pro All-in-One fax printers.

Pulp Market: Growth Prospects Seen Bright in the Long-Term

Competition is stiff in the global pulp market because of the presence of numerous players. In order to up the ante against their rivals, the companies are seen focusing on better products and competitive pricing – two things necessary to grow sales. Bigger, deep-pocketed players are also banking upon expansion strategies to grow their footprints and improve sales. They are also entering into long-term contracts with users for that matter.

Longer Lasting Smart Phone Batteries Now Possible Due to 3D Printing

Designers in the US have built up a 3D printing strategy that could prompt inconceivably enhanced limit and charge-release rates for lithium-particle batteries. In a joint effort with the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the group would 3d be able to print a microlattice structure that enhances the limit and charge-release rates of lithium-particle batteries. Rahul Panat, an associate professor of mechanical building at Carnegie Mellon University, and a

Kenya to Receive Internet Access with Loon’s High-altitude Balloons

High-altitude balloons will now deliver internet access to remote locations in Kenya as the country has been chosen as the home to a Google-affiliated firm’s first announced commercial deal. In 2019, the country will receive access to 4G/LTE cellular network as Loon shares office with Telkom Kenya. Central Kenya is the place where Loon’s high-altitude balloons will be tested. Its inaccessible or mountainous terrain makes it difficult for service providers

YouTube to Use Authoritative Sources to Take Severe Measures to Stop Fake News

YouTube officials have said that the video streaming website is taking a number of steps to make sure that news uploaded on its platform is genuine and not fake. The company is said to achieve the goal by cracking down on news organizations supporting misinformation besides identifying the misleading information. On Monday, it also said that it will give prominence to authoritative news sources, especially during a time when misinformation

India Launches New Technology Challenge to Stop Human Entry into Sewers

A technology challenge has been initiated by India’s urban affairs ministry, wherein practical solutions to avoid life-threatening and unsafe entry of humans into septic tanks and sewers to clear blockages have been identified. A senior ministry official said that the best proposal will be selected after constituting submissions from a jury of technical experts, NGOs, companies, and individuals. Municipal bodies across the country will receive details of the best proposal.

Flight Testing by Flying Car Startup Backed by Google

Flying cars have been a matter of discussion for a long while now, and people are anticipating the cluttering of the aerial dimension with these flying cars. It is expected that the consumers would readily accept flying cars, and the market already has a large consumer base waiting to buy flying cars. A startup backed by Google is on the verge of launching its flying cars and has already tested

A Credit Card that Offers Zero Exchange Fees on Overseas Transaction

Tandem has launched a credit card in the UK which offers cash back on every purchase as well as no exchange fees when spending overseas. This new card works with Tandem’s personal finance manager app which you are required to plug into the existing bank accounts and credit cards in order to get and set budgeting goals so as to better manage your money. This new credit card offers market-leading

Serialization Becomes Springboard for Digitization for Companies

Serialisation of medicinal products, especially in Europe, can incur significant cost for manufacturers owing to stringent regulations that require manufacturers to apply unique identifiers to each package. According to the Directive 2011/62/EU and the associated Delegated Acts require that the identifier is printed clearly and has a data matrix code. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies that market authorization holders are also required to deliver serialisation data from their products to a European

New Study Could Help Improve Computing and Magnetic Memory

Magnetic materials for storing electronic data have been around for many decades now. In the more recent years. From magnetic tapes to floppy disk drives and hard disk drives, the field of magnetic data storage has continued to flourish in terms of technological advancement, precision, and storage capacity. In the more recent times, the magnetoresistance memory technology has started finding vast applications. Recently, a new discovery made by researchers at

Design for Recycling to be Launched by Axion

Axion has propelled another ‘Outline for Recycling’ benefit went out to support the plastic bundling esteem chain guarantee that bundling put available has been improved for long time, while keeping up its essential capacity of item assurance. The round economy master’s administration is gone for a scope of partners in the nourishment and refreshment inventory network. This incorporates bundling creators, sustenance makers, mark retailers and proprietors who have a personal

New Double-glazing Solar Power Device to Open up New Opportunities

Researchers from the University of Warwick have designed a new, thing, and double-glazed solar power device – essentially a window that has a transparent outer pane and conducts electricity. Developed by Dr Yorck Ramachers and Dr Gavin Bell from the university, the unique approach to garnering solar power could open up many new opportunities for the development of more advanced solar power devices.  The new device is unlike other solar