In one of my previously written articles, I wrote about the reasons (principal reasons) why you as an individual should start blogging. This piece of work will reveal other reasons why you should start blogging. Most people even after reading plenteous articles on how to set up a blog site or blog sites, they still don’t feel enthusiastic or passionate over blogging. Some of them end up having something else

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Landing on the first page of Google requires on your part to optimize the various search engine ranking factors. Hard work is needed on a lot of aspects and it definitely doesn’t happens over-night. If you have a WordPress website, almost half of the work relating to SEO is already done since WordPress is optimized for SEO and getting your site rank more likely visible in search engines like Yahoo,

Mastering Must-Know Skills for a WordPress Plugins Developer

WordPress is undoubtedly the most powerful CMS framework available in the recent times. From the creation of highly flexible and extendable websites with very little work; we believe the Plugins and Themes structure is the main reason behind its success as a CMS. Considering that there are around 21,000 plugins available for free on the official WordPress website, mastering the skills of plugin development is highly recommended for every WordPress