mobile ux development

A lot of thought and research needs to go into mobile platform development for a successful outcome. Look at scalable UIs, before choosing mobile platforms. It takes more hard work to ensure the scalability of different orientations and resolutions but in the long run it should pay very well, because your application will be able to target a lot more mobile devices which in turn increases the sales potential of


In recent years, there has a major shift in the way enterprises deploy their resources and technologies. No matter how big or small the change, lowering operational costs and higher productivity seem to be the mantra for the future. The workspace as a service (WaaS) market seems to be a natural offshoot of this pursuit for easy-to-manage workflows and flexible deployment of manpower and material alike. The workspace as a


The global server market has demonstrated a steady rise in the past few decades. The server market demand has remained positive, attributed to the on-going enterprise refresh cycle along with the continued infrastructure investments from cloud service providers. In 2014, the global server shipments increased by over 2 million units as compared to 2013 showing a high record. According to 2014 estimates, good market growth in the volume system revenue

How To Market Online Business

These days, developing a great website is not enough to ensure your success in the very competitive online business world. You also need to spend time promoting your site so the general public knows that it exists. There are many ways that you can use to go about doing this. Some of these methods of promotion have proven to be more effective than others, depending on what type of business


Have you ever found yourself in the following situation at your workplace? You come to work, login to your business email account and find an email with attached PDF file that needs to be edited pronto. So, you quickly search for and drop it into the first online PDF to Word converter you come across. You wait for a bit and then receive your converted file. You open it in

Global Software Defined Data Center Industry: North America to Establish Dominance with more than 50% of Overall Market

The software defined data center is a significant part of a rising wave of software defined technology. The traditional data center industry requires shifting its focus towards the software defined data center to provide customers the flexibility to scale and construct redundancy into their systems that result in reduced overheads. At present, the software defined label is applied to almost everything comprising storage, networks, and security and it is emerging

Product Innovation to Drive the Automotive Temperature and Humidity Sensors Market till 2020

Today’s vehicles feature highly complex and sophisticated electronics control systems. A majority of innovations in the automotive sector has been solely possible through electronics and the use of advanced sensors. In the past two decades, market research studies show that there has been an increasing deployment of sensors in the automotive industry. In 1990, the global market for sensors was estimated at US$2 billion. The market steadily expanded approximately to

Accelerated Adoption of BYOD Policy by Enterprises Expected to Drive Global BYOD Security Market

consumerization. This policy serves the purpose of helping employees stay connected with their remotely-working counterparts and data of the organization. As BYOD policy is gaining popularity in the global industry, the implementation of security solutions has climbed up the priority chart. MDM Solutions Lead the Global BYOD Security Market The global BYOD security market is classified into two segments: Management of mobile devices (MDM) and management of enterprise applications (MAM).

Demand for Effective Customer Relationship Management to Stimulate Global Digital Marketing Software Market in Forthcoming Years

The popularity of digital media is a key factor that drives the global digital marketing software market. The adoption and extensive use of digital media can be observed in every walk of life today. Digital marketing as a promotional medium develops and maintains customer relationships via online activities. Web analytics, CRM (customer relationship management), email software, marketing automation software, and e-commerce software are a few of the vital tools that

Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) Market Expected to Grow with Increase in Number of Subscribers Worldwide

Mobile value added services (VAS) are the additional services provided by the telecom operators, apart from the voice communication services. Introduction of the smart phones has revolutionized the telecom industry and the mobile subscribers are using a large number of the value added services, in addition to the core mobile services. How Long Term Evolution (LTE) Changed the Mobile Value Added Services Market The wireless communication industry can be segregated

Video Streaming Market Predictions for 2015

Video streaming is a rapidly growing market space. It was once considered a niche, but is currently one of the major sectors for viewing video content online. Established companies in the global video streaming market are driving innovation for viewers. On the other hand, new entrants are leaping into this rapidly-expanding market. Top Trends in the Global Video Streaming Market Video Streaming not Only for Entertainment but Education Too Though,

Cloud Based Platform to Dominate the Web Design Services Market in Future

The term web design comprises different skills and departments that are needed for making and maintaining websites. Largely, ‘web design’ generally means the part of the process that is associated with the front-end of the website also includes writing the markup. DIY Solutions for Web Design Drive B2C Platform for Small Businesses Do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions using low cost tools such as Homestead, Squarespace, and Weebly have created a B2C platform

Website Developers Should Make The Utmost Use Of The Available Resources

Website design needs to be attractive, as well as user friendly. It should have the ability to attract the attention of the people and also should emphasize the different aspects of your business. With the help of the website designing company the customers get the chance to bring out the best of their business that ultimately help the end customers stay glued to the website. If the web designing is

How Big Data and Knowledge Management Improve CRM Performance

CRM or the customer relationship management software is considered essential for any modern business that strives to deliver better services to its customers. Earlier a CRM essentially meant a contact management system that helps organizing the contact details of customers. But more modern CRMs have become a complete business tool that offers all sales, marketing and customer management solutions to organizations along with managing contacts. As Big Data is emerging

How Ordering Food Online Spices Up Your Life

Even a few years ago, food delivery was restricted to collecting menu cards that came with newspapers and ordering through phone hoping the order turns up. There were not too many people who offered you home delivery, and those who did offered you no confirmation or guarantee of service or quality. You simply had to take what was given to you. Fortunately, those days are gone! With the advent of

Top 5 TV Shows Available To Stream On Netflix, Hulu and On Demand

No matter your television preference, whether you are a cord cutter or still in love with live television and its added On Demand features, there are plenty of TV shows available to stream or tune in for easy viewing access. Whether current or in reruns, there are quality TV shows available that should not be overlooked like these top five picks worthy of addiction status or at least binge watching.

How to Makes A Great Infographic?

Infographics have been popular on the web for a while now, but are risking reaching a saturation point as many sites have begun to overly rely on them. Unfortunately the large number of unnecessary and poorly designed infographics out there have begun to give this normally elegant means of communicating information a bad name and it’s the bloggers who have a genuine need for them that are suffering as a

Is Your Network Performing Effectively?

Optimization is the key to success in many areas of business. Optimizing your output, customer contact and decision making can all improve your productivity and provide a stable base for your business. Optimizing your network performance can help you get the most out of your business; and if you need other ways to improve your productivity then you can always outsource your needs to a company that is able to

6 Reasons Why You Must Choose To Use Jango Radio

With the increasing popularity of online radio stations like Pandora, music enthusiasts now have several options when listening to their favorite songs or music genre. Another Internet radio station is Jango Radio, which started in 2007. It gets more than 30 million visitors each month in United States alone. With all the similar sites available on the web today, why should you choose to use Jango? Let’s take a look

7 Popular Cyborgs In Film And TV

By definition, a cyborg is a person who enjoys extended physical abilities with the help of machines attached to his body. Cyborgs have always fascinated humans. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who wish to become cyborgs. It is not a surprise why so many films and TV show feature cyborgs. Here are some of the most popular cyborgs in TV: Robocop Robocop is a cyborg