15 Ecommerce Checkout Success Factors – Infographic

An online marketer understands how payments could be the number one factor to the success of your ecommerce business. It is essential that checkout actions are made as structured and uncomplicated as possible. However, there are still lots of companies that have failed to generate a competent procedure. These shortcomings in reality have been conversion killers. For both established brand names and startups, the failure of these procedures should set

Why You Need a Desktop Computer?

In a world where tablets reign supreme, you can be forgiven for thinking this post is somewhat dated. While recent years have seen many dismiss the desktop computer as unnecessary equipment, it still remains a crucial part of both our home and work lives, as this post will explore. Why do we need a desktop? So, if a tablet operates just like a desktop, why do we need the latter?

4 Ways to use social media as a recruitment tool

Social media appears to have little or no limits when it comes to how many ways it can help your business grow. It has already been well documented how efficient these platforms are as promotional tools and using them for simple advertisements is also catching on quickly. But, did you know that social media platforms are a pretty cool way of hiring new staff? This is yet another business-centric string