What’s in Store for “the Internet of Things”?

The next evolutionary leap in Internet technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), looks like a 50′s version of the future. Billions of everyday objects in homes, shops and factories all sharing data and integrated to computers via high-speed wireless internet promises to make life a lot more interesting. For business owners, implementing IoT using the current dedicated Internet access protocols presents as much problem as it does promise. Issues with connectivity, cost

Bed Ridden? These Games Will Give You The Best Sense Of Freedom

Being bed ridden, no matter for how long or for what reason, is not a very pleasant experience and can be enough to drive even the calmest person a little mad. This is especially true if you’re normally the type who enjoys exploration and adventure, in which case you can feel claustrophobic almost as you are unable to leave your room. Fortunately though there are various forms of escapism you

Boost Office Security And Productivity By Keeping A Close Eye On Your Employees

With both hidden and plainly visible surveillance cameras becoming increasingly widespread, and practically a fact of public life, you may have considered installing some in your own office to keep an eye on your employees.  While some people may feel a little uneasy about installing an office hidden camera without notifying people, doing so can ultimately bring many benefits for both you and your employees. Better monitoring will help fight

Top Apps For On-the-Go Trading And Stock Market Profits

There is no feeling better than making a couple hundred or thousand dollars of profit from opening up your mobile device and placing trades while sipping your morning latte at a coffee shop or waiting for a dental check-up. As smart phones become increasingly powerful, traders no longer have to use multiple monitors and huge trading platforms to actively participate in the markets. Thanks to the power of the modern

The Best New Technology For Your Office

Business technology has come a long way from the days of rolodexes and enormous printer/copiers. Today’s hot new business tech takes full advantage of consumer trends to make mobility, flexibility, and functionality a key aspect of business computing and management. In order to level up your business from retro to mod, consider the possibilities inherent in the latest business technology available for your office. Go Mobile with a Tablet Whereas