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What was the most loved thing about BlackBerry? The answer is loud and clear its it Qwerty Keypad this was the one thing that the blackberry users simple used to love and boast about precisely that may have been the reason that its earlier launch Z10 was not a huge success because the loyal blackberry customer might be finding one things missing that was physical Keyboard so even though Z

catalog priniting

Are you looking for some useful ways to market your business to its best? You need to find out the best method to promote your business in a better way. Promotion is important to enhance the market presence. In the recent era of online business, many business owners are still using catalogues to promote their products. Catalogue printing is the most effective ways to market your product as well as

Increasing Cyber Threats to Propel the Global Telecom Endpoint Security Market

High incidence of data thefts, greater cyber, spamware, and malware attacks are factors which drive the global market for telecom endpoint security. Greater endpoints across numerous end-user segments and industries are also key factors fuelling the demand for telecom endpoint security systems. The widespread incorporation of web based applications has a significant impact on the overall telecom endpoint security market. Greater adoption of endpoint security systems, rising investments, and high

Need for Big Data Analytics Drives Demand for NoSQL Databases

NoSQL is a type of database used to store and retrieve data that can’t or isn’t fit to be classified into relational databases. The latter database type almost exclusively uses structured query language (SQL) for the storage of data. As a result, the term ‘NoSQL’ is most commonly interpreted as ‘Not only SQL’, indicating that it can accommodate non-SQL data storage languages as well. Relational databases store data in tabular

Consumer Interest in Smart Homes Crucial for Soundbar Market Growth

Soundbars are a form of conglomerated speakers, in which multiple speakers are built into a slim, compact unit. This eliminates the need for a multitude of wires in conventional speakers, making the design more convenient and durable. Soundbars often come with the technology to compensate for the seeming lack of surround sound due to the unified nature of speakers, with various sections of the soundbar replicating various positional audio outputs

Global Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) and Information System Market to be driven by Increasing Adoption of Cloud and Big Data Technologies

The global automatic passenger counting and information system market is riding high credited to the ample opportunities it is receiving from the passenger information system (PIS) industry and the automatic passenger counting (APC) industry. Automatic passenger counting is a highly developed technology that assists transit agencies in enhancing the efficacy of their operations by providing the most accurate passenger-count data, whereas, a passenger information system or PIS is an electronic

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Market Advanced by Passage of HITECH Act in U.S., Poised for Further Growth Globally

Clinical Decision Support Systems Market Gaining Traction Thanks to Improved Clinical Outcomes Decision-making is an inextricable aspect of the work of healthcare professionals and medical practitioners. Clinical decisions could range from the mundane to the more complex ones, such as prescribing tests and planning surgeries. Because this decision-making often relates to life-and-death situations, it cannot be arbitrary. Medical decisions have to, per force, be based on a study of patients’

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Market Expected to be Impelled by Continued Terrorist Threats and Insurgencies

Delivering a safe environment promoting infrastructural development is of paramount importance for nations across the globe. At a time when national organizations and operators are scrambling to secure their existing assets from a new school of threats, investment in critical infrastructure protection will entail safety to infrastructure as well as boost the economic growth. Impelled by continued threats of terrorist attacks, local insurgencies, natural disasters, epidemics, and cyber intrusions, governments

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Market to be Driven by Cloud Technologies

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essentially business management software which provides an integrated view of business processes. The software can be used by companies to collect, store, manage and further interpret data from various business activities. Some of the basic activities that can be streamlined using ERP include product planning, cost determination, service delivery, inventory management, marketing, sales, shipping, and payment.  The global ERP software market is currently faced with

Medical Lasers Market Spurred by Rising Disposable Incomes in BRICS Nations

The use of laser technology is now commonplace in diagnostics, therapies, or treatments. Laser technology has advanced significantly that has led to its increased application for medical purposes. As a consequence, large numbers of procedures are carried using laser technology. The medical lasers types that are typically used, but are not limited to, are: Excimer lasers, diode lasers, gas lasers, CO2 lasers, dye lasers, free electron lasers, fiber lasers, and semiconductor

Geriatric Population to Bring in Demand and Revenues for Orthopedic Software Market

To correct the injuries or deformities associated with the bones and joints, orthopedic software are high in demand. Increase in the geriatric population around the world along with the sports related injuries and orthopedic ailments related to changing lifestyle, has contributed significantly to the growth of the orthopedic software market. It is estimated that the global orthopedic software market would be valued around US$40 billion in 2019, growing at a

Pervasive Computing Market is Set to Emancipate the Ubiquitous Flow of Information

The proliferation and use of the modern information and communication technologies (ICT) are considered to pave the way for a dynamic economic progress and future viability in the global computing market. The cycle of change spurred by ICT is enormous. The new technologies are believed to have an indomitable ripple effect throughout the economy. Such technologies will exert maximum influence on individual and social lives. The development of mobile telephony

Biometric Recognition Designed For Iphones and ipads

The right apps and accessories can turn any Smartphone into a very powerful device. AOptix, a California based company, has designed a tool capable of turning an ordinary iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into a biometric scanner. The app comes with wrap-around device that can turn the phone into a portable face, iris, voice and fingerprint scanner. Software and hardware: AOptix Stratus is the first of its kind hardware and

DARPA’s New Navigation Tool

We rely on navigation satellites and global positioning systems (GPS) for navigation. Hence, in the rare scenario, an occasional absence of these satellites would not only cause inconvenience to people looking for directions but would also pose a threat to the national security and destroy military missions.  DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been working to find solutions to problems arising due to sudden inaccessibility of navigation satellites. DARRPA researchers

Choosing the Best Mobile Apps Development Company Widely Matters!

Smartphones have got all to do in today’s time. The major reason for the rising smartphone impact is apps, apps and apps. Today, there is an app for anything and everything. At the same time, one could simultaneously find the temperature at his next door or at any part of the world. In general, there are two types of mobile apps. Internet-driven and self-driven. Both these kind of apps have

High Energy Storage Batteries for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are an inseparable part of modern lives. Be it mobile phones or gaming systems or e-readers or laptops. All of these devices essentially need a power source. This clearly shows that batteries not only play a major role in our lives but they also govern our lives to a great extent. But, developments in battery technology haven’t been keeping pace with the rate of development of the hardware

Mobile Email Archiving Solutions

With more of us using our mobiles to access essential business information, together with the growing BYOD trend,  email management on mobiles is becoming increasingly important. Our smartphones are becoming key business tools but with this, there is a greater need for sophisticated email management, ensuring our emails are secure and safely stored, helping us to access our emails when we need to. So what’s the best way to manage

Creative Uses for Hidden Cameras

Did you know you can record high quality audio-video from something as small as a pen or a door peephole? Modern technology has made hidden video surveillance cameras an affordable and easy to use tool for anyone looking to enhance their personal security. These surveillance devices are a superb way of protecting and monitoring family, employees, and property; they can also be used in a number of other ways—even entertainment! Recording and

What’s in Store for “the Internet of Things”?

The next evolutionary leap in Internet technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), looks like a 50′s version of the future. Billions of everyday objects in homes, shops and factories all sharing data and integrated to computers via high-speed wireless internet promises to make life a lot more interesting. For business owners, implementing IoT using the current dedicated Internet access protocols presents as much problem as it does promise. Issues with connectivity, cost

Bed Ridden? These Games Will Give You The Best Sense Of Freedom

Being bed ridden, no matter for how long or for what reason, is not a very pleasant experience and can be enough to drive even the calmest person a little mad. This is especially true if you’re normally the type who enjoys exploration and adventure, in which case you can feel claustrophobic almost as you are unable to leave your room. Fortunately though there are various forms of escapism you