Trusted Blockchain Framework Could Secure IoT System

Anyone doubting the disruptive effect that security lapses in Internet of things (IoT) devices could create should know how a DDoS attack from a Mirai botnet in 2016 nearly compromised the internet access across Liberia in Africa.   Things haven’t changed much since. Botnets have been continually dwarfing security in IoT devices through 2017 and for no obvious reasons. However, a new framework that underpins a distributed and decentralized ledger suggested

MIT Targets Home 3D Viewing through Home3D

3D viewing technology has become a staple in the movie making world due to the superior viewing experience it offers to the viewers. 3D technology provides a convincing sense of depth due to the separation of red and blue color bands and thus offers superior viewing experiences. Commercially used 3D technology works through polarized light and thus requires special glasses for ideal viewing. While this doesn’t present a problem for

AI2 Focuses on Developing Better Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) is currently working on developing artificial intelligence that replicates human intelligence. The non-profit organization has been persistently working toward developing high-impact AI to benefit the society. Despite Baidu, Google, and Microsoft being competitors the organizations are working together to understand the academics involved in engineering such as high level of game-changing artificial intelligence. Growing Volume to Data Makes it Difficult to Identify Authentic Resources

New Ransomware Goes Global With Enterprises Hit At Large

A cyberattack similar to the infamous ransomware attack WannaCry entered its third day with a number of enterprises, port operators, and government organizations being hit hard on June 27, 2017. The debilitating cyberattack started in Europe on the day and has affected more 200,000 companies so far. Over 80 companies in Ukraine and Russia have been affected at large by the Petya virus disabling computing systems and users were asked

Wireless Charging of Smartphone Now A Reality

Charging and discharging is regular routine for us and is quite a hassle as smartphones become an integral part of our lives. As important as food and water for most! Thus, the development of a device that can wirelessly charge your smartphone is sure to get most of the public drooling over this new invention, which has been created by scientists at the Stanford University in the U.S. This device

Robo-Advisors Taking Automation in Digital Banking to Next Level

The emergence of robo-advisors is considered as a disruptive force destined to transform the investment banking industry. Robo-advisors, also called robo-investors, are online portfolio management solutions and form the next big innovation in the area of digital banking and investment. Triggered by gains of significant cost-savings, a number of financial advisory firms are betting big on the deployment of robo-advisors to offer investment advice in the best interest of their

Facebook to Roll Out Sustainable Data Center

The construction plans for a new data center have already been initiated by Facebook, in the New Mexico region of Los Lunas. The new location is termed as a Sustainable Facebook Data Center. The initiation ceremony was hailed as a bit of a reunion between the representatives of the North American State and those of the other cities. The key intention of the new data center is to be able

NEVS Unveil InMotion Self-driving Living Room Car Concept

As is invariably the case with new ideas, we can only hope for them to see the day of light in future but if the concept of InMotion indeed achieves commercialization, we may be sitting in living-room-like environment on our way to work. Electric vehicles and autonomous cars are the latest trends that promises to revolutionize the automotive sector, and now National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) have introduced InMotion, which

Whatsapp Comes to the Rescue in LPG Cylinder Booking Process

After a free liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) connection was provided to almost two and a half million people living below the poverty line, people in India will soon be able to book an LPG cylinder using Whatsapp, thanks to a new initiative by the Government of India under the leadership of Narendra Modi. The initiative is aimed at making the process of gas booking easier. Although districts in the northern

4,500% Contactless Card Fraud Boom in U.K. Criticized of Uncertainty

Contactless card fraud was alarmingly up to £7 m in 2016 in the U.K., compared to only £153 k in 2014. Furthermore, clickbait headlines point out the nearly 4,500% increase in the fraud. However, the fraud statistics have been expected to be misleading and also scaremongering, given a few vital facts under consideration. Not sure whether the headlines sprung from veiled agendas or lack of knowledge, but a hunt through

How Cisco Prepares to Encounter Quickly Maturing Cybercrime Networks

Steve Martino, chief information security officer (CISO) at Cisco, has shared some shrewd insights about the fast-maturing cybercrime networks and how to deal with them as an entity. When asked how Cisco dealt with the worldwide WannaCry ransomware attaack, Martino said his team was well prepared and knew what to do next. Cisco had put in place processes to deal with the attack while battling potential events and active attacks.

Using WhatsApp without Internet Made Easy

WhatsApp without the Internet and over the phone networks’ SMS systems is the next big thing in digital communication. However, SMS alternatives that imitate the WhatsApp interface are available. Unlimited texting bundled with a number of cell phone plans are available and the ones that are similar to WhatsApp design can be chosen. Using WhatsApp without Internet has its own advantages. Firstly, it is the easiest way to clean up

Intel’s Bat Sensors and Drones Highlight Champions Trophy 2017

At the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, to be played at three different venues in the U.K in the month of June, Intel will be introducing their new innovations to analyze swing of the bat by a batsman through their Curie module and provide run-time pitch assessment via drones. For the fans at two of the three stadiums (Edgbaston in Birmingham and Kennington Oval in London, except Sophia Gardens in Cardiff),

Android Users, Beware of Judy Malware!

Android smartphones across the globe are now being infected by a new malware called Judy, soon after the WannaCry ransom attack hit PCs. The Judy malware makes use of infected android devices to perform large number of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, thereby generating revenues for those behind it. Check Point on its blog noted that this malware has affected around 8.5 to 36.5 mn users till now. While there has

ARM Releases New Cortex-A75, A55 CPUs, Mali-G72 GPU

Mobile processor giant ARM has announced its new lineup of premium CPUs and GPUs ahead of Computex, the Intel-dominated PC design showpiece event. The upgrade from ARM is claimed to represent a double-digit upgrade over their previous generation of devices, with the ARM Cortex-A75 claimed to offer a 22% improvement in terms of performance over the A73. The new Mali-G72 GPU, meanwhile, is claimed to be 25% more efficient than

The Machine – World’s Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled by HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprises revealed that it has finally built the world’s fastest futuristic supercomputer that can hypothetically support a Herculean 160TB of RAM. This supercomputer has been named as The Machine. Hewlett Packard Enterprises claims that it is a huge leap towards the vision of powerful computing. The company calls it the world’s biggest single-memory supercomputer and also one of the breakthrough projects in the company’s history. The project was