Without a doubt, analysts expected a handful of major announcements from Google’s September 29 event. The company didn’t disappoint, announcing two new Nexus smartphones and an updated Chromecast device. A companion audio device for the Chromecast was thrown in for good measure. Likewise, new details were revealed about Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the follow-up to last year’s Android 5.0 Lollipop. Aside from the Nexus 5X and 6P, one device stood out

mobile and credit card

If you have become bored of your old smartphone and are desperate to get your hands on the latest device from Apple or Samsung, don’t be too quick about giving your old phone away or, worse, throwing it in the bin. Even though it may be a few years old, it is probably still worth quite a bit of money, and there are almost certainly people who will be happy

senir citizen

So, are you thinking about mobile phone for senior citizen people? You know they don’t need the complex feature, you are thinking the senior people need something simple and user-friendly but what? There are numerous mobile phones available and that are specially designed for elderly. Mostly all senior people appreciate the simplicity of mobile phone. Although, youngsters want latest features and smart phones so they can entertain and as well

Microsoft’s Nokia 215 Dual SIM Mobile: Simply Stunning

This is definitely a digital age. We can’t live without gadgets. Mobiles and Laptopsare indispensable to us. It is almost impossible to imagine living without gadgets including mobile, laptop, speaker, Television, etc. Most of us like to buy newer and newer handsets every month but some people prefer using a simple handset that does the basic functions of communication such as talking, SMS and others. Microsoft’s Nokia 215 is such

Micromax Canvas 2 Worth its Price?

Call it early realisation or need of the hour, but within months of launching the A100, Micromax brought out the A110 or popularly known as Micromax Canvas 2. Significant upgrades distinguish Canvas 2 from the original Canvas phone which brings the natural question to the fore, is Micromax Canvas 2 worth the price? First, let us tell you what you can expect from the Canvas 2. At first glance, you

Apps to find lost phone

Losing your property has always been a worry. Be it through misplacement or theft, the dread doesn’t stem from what you think is being done with the item – you’re more concerned about getting it back. Unfortunately, with no way of tracking most items, you’re only likely to find it if you get tipped off, or if security cameras caught the thief.  Smart phones, however, offer two significant changes to

New Nokia Lumia 720 Review – Windows Phone

It’s raining Smartphone this year and with the series of Smartphone that many Indian and MNC are launching every week here comes another Smartphone based on windows 8 OS by Finnish giant Nokia. Nokia had already launched Smartphone based on window8 operating system earlier this year in high-end version Lumina 920and 820while it has also launched Smartphone in low-end version 620&520 respectively but now it had come in mid segment

Top 5 Dual Sim Smartphones

In the Big Bazaar Of mobile world which is flooded with smart phone both with single as well as Dual sim it is very difficult to chose the right smart phone ,as we have already discussed Single Sim phone so in today post we are going to discuss Dual Sim Smartphone because there are many of us who want to keep both our personnel and professional life different and for

Karbonn S5 Titanium Review By

With the success of Micromax Canvas 116 suddenly all the Indian company wants to get into 5-inch phablet market considering the demand for such phablet there are quite a few handsets in this segment and with the launch of karbonn S5 titanium the competition is heating up considerably. Now let’s see whether or not karbonn S5 titanium lives up to the expectations. Design and Build Quality The karbonn S5 titanium

HTC One Smartphone Review – The Ravishing Beauty And A Handsome Beast

Starting off in good company of Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G Pro and the infamous Samsung Galaxy S IV, the HTC One is going toe-to-toe with these android flagships. The device will be available from April 19th on AT&T and Sprint at $200 with a fresh two year contract. Here is an insight into this long awaited model: The design and the built The new HTC One is quite

New Karbonn A25 Smartphone with 5-inch screen, Android 4.0 for Rs. 6,590

Well in the ocean of smarts pone we have another masterpiece from Karbonn an Indian MNC.  If you Want a big screen phablet Well Karbonn’s A25 is one such option you can consider. The device is available on online retail stores Infibeam and Saholic for Rs 6,590. Karbonn A25 is a dual-SIM phone packed with Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and 1GHz dual core processor. It has 5 inch capacitive touch display for

Samsung Eyes The iPad Mini Market With Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung may be credited to be one of the initiators of the 7-inch tablet market. It has ruled for quite a long duration in the segment as giants like Apple had not stepped into the segment until then. Recently, Apple rolled out its iPad mini to shift to the smaller size of devices and within 4 months of the launch of the iPad mini, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8.0

New Nokia Lumia 1520 Specs, Price And Review By Tech You N Me

In the world of Tablets and Smartphones, it is very difficult to buy a Similar within your budget. Since the Nokia has summoned with Microsoft, the design and features has been updated. What if you want to have an experience of Tablet or Smartphone with Nokia within your budget, then looking for Phablets would stop your market search. Even there are so many Phablets providing firms, the experience of Windows

New Samsung Galaxy Round Specs, Price And Review By Tech You N Me

Its look like old day are coming back again Samsung have gone back to the day when curved screen were in fashion and had launched another galaxy but this time the screen of the new galaxy is not flat on the contrary it is curved just like the television screen of the old days It is hard to find out what new advantages the curved screen will bring to the

Top Football Apps For Smartphones

Are you a football fan? Not many men from Europe can say that they have never enjoyed watching a football match with their friends. This is also true for men and more and more women around the world. Football is a passion for a lot of people and whether you are a football enthusiast or a young prodigy with the ambition to go pro, there are a lot of applications

New Karbonn Smart A27+ Specification, Price And Review

Another smart phone from an Indian MNC Karbon named smart A27+ Karbon has been dishing out smart phone at quiet a regular interval now so is the new smart phone do justice to it name smart? Let’s find out. Build and Display The build quality is nothing to boast about its quiet normal and very much similar to other smart phone made by Karbon the one thing good about the

Nokia Lumia Amber Update For 520, 620, 720, 820 and 925

Nokia recent smart phones running windows 8 is all set to get smarter with the introduction of Nokia lasted software update for windows phone Amber. According to Nokia official the Amber update for windows phone Lumia 520, 620 , 820 and 925 will be started rolling out from last week of August. The customer using the above mentioned smart phones will get a message on their mobile that their phone

HTC One 801e Specifications And Review

HTC which once was a leader in premium smart phone category reason for its superior hardware and software recently saw it demand fall due to stiff competition from Samsung & Nokia has come with yet another premium smart phone HTC one 801e will be provide support to its falling sell lets fine out by the look of its it certainly look a masterpiece if beauty lies in the eyes of

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Preview With Specifications By

Samsung has officially announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The phone had already shown up in various leaked images over the past few months so it was only a matter of time before it was officially unveiled. Let’s look at the key features of this new Android smartphone. Design: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a polycarbonate plastic body that measures 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.9 mm

T-Mobile iPhone Contracts Unique In Crowded Market – And Help Boost iOS Market Share

When T-Mobile announced that it would be offering the iPhone, it created quite a bit of buzz, not the least of which because the company brought the phone to market with some unique contract options. Among those was a $99 down payment price (compared to the competition’s $199 purchase price with contract) and the ability to purchase an unlocked contract (as opposed to the standard two-year contract being offered by