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Body Worn Insect Repellent Market-Analysis And Growth Forecast By Applications, Sales, Size, Types And Competitors By 2017-2025

Body worn insect repellent market covers all the products worn on or over the body with the aim to enhance safety from insect borne diseases. Rising health awareness for harmful diseases from the insect bites, increase in recreational activities and usage of body worn insect repellent product across the world is anticipated to drive the growth of the body worn insect repellent market during the forecast period. The global body

Fencing Market-Potential Growth, Share, Demand And Analysis Of Key Players- Research Forecasts To 2025

Fencing – installed to prevent unwanted access to your property by burglars and stray animals, to prevent pets from escaping, and sometimes simply for show – is a multi-billion dollars’ worth market these days. Manufacturers are producing them using various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, composite, and concrete to suit the various needs of buyers. Request Brochure for Latest Advancements and Research Insights @ In order to expand

Air Cargo Market-Outlook, Opportunity, Projects, Application and Company Analysis 2017-2025

The global air cargo market is teeming with several international, regional, and local air cargo service providers, for the market to feature a fragmented vendor landscape, observes Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new report. These players operate as chartered services, combination airlines, and all-cargo airlines, which makes the market intensely competitive. In addition, topnotch players are likely to foray in uncharted areas to up their revenue share in the

Functional Apparel Market-Seeking Growth from Emerging Markets, Study Drivers, Restraints and Forecast 2025

With the presence of a large number of players that offer application-specific products, the global functional apparel market is fragmented, states Transparency Market Research in a new report. Players in the market are investing substantially in innovative technology to introduce novel products that offer flexibility, durability, and comfort. Research and development to introduce eco-friendly fabric to serve the demand for eco-friendly performance clothing is also the focus of players in

Conditioning Agents Market- New Entrants, Competitive Scenario & Forecast By 2026

Growing need for moisturizing skin and hair has led to surge in demand for the conditioning agent globally. In addition, surge in demand for cosmetic products is expected to impact growth of the global conditioning agent market positively. Transparency Market Research states that the global conditioning agent market is expected to reflect a CAGR of 6.2% in terms of volume during the assessment period 2017-2026. The report offers a detailed

After-Sun Products Market Trends & Forecast by 2026- Industry Analysis by Geographical Regions, Type and Application

Manufacturers in the sun care industry are primarily concerned with after sun exposure, sun protection products. The main focus of manufacturers is to provide after sun products that can absorb Ultraviolet (UV) rays and protect skin from various problems. With the rising demand from consumers, manufacturers are introducing multi-functional products with waterproof protection, long-lasting effect, etc. Development of these products is centered around the use of ingredients such as zinc

Facial Recognition Market:  Extensive Investments by Players Stokes Growth with a Fantastic CAGR of 9.5%

The global facial recognition market was valued at US$ 1,307.0 Mn in 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2015 to 2022. Currently, the market is primarily driven by robust technological advancements for development of efficient surveillance systems required by civil and government agencies. This is due to rising instances of criminal and terrorist activities and identification of fraud cases across the globe. Moreover, facial

Global Electric Shavers Market is driven by Demand for Personal Grooming Automation and Convenience

Shaving is part of a personal grooming routine, and is getting more coverage and recognition on account of the growing beauty consciousness amongst the masses. While traditional shaving methods are witnessing a decline due to occurrences of abrasions and cuts due to their usage, a number of individuals prefer using electric shavers as they eliminate these possibilities. Electric shavers do not require creams, gels, soap or water, and are much

Wheat Protein Market: Weight Control and Healthy Diet Become Leading Causes for Soaring Demand

The global wheat protein market has been witnessing some real significant growth in past few years due to rise in consumer base for meatless food. According to a report stated by Transparency Market Research (TMR) developing economies are likely to catalyze the market growth due to various expansion opportunities in coming years. Titled, “Wheat Protein Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” the

Flea and Tick product Market: High Proliferation Rate of Parasites and Insects in Pets to Boost Demand

The tremendous growth of global market for flea and tick products finds its roots into the increasing interest of people in owning pets, coupled with the high proliferation rate of parasites and insects, such as tapeworms and roundworms, in pets. The substantial rise in animal husbandry practices across the world is also boosting this market remarkably. With the escalating number of pet owners and the increase in farming of animals

Industrial Gloves Market: Rise of Worker Safety Concerns to Upswing Growth Opportunities

The global industrial gloves market is envisaged to experience tremendous competition, leading to neck-to-neck struggle among the leading companies for the top spot. A third of the overall market share is predicted to be held by leading names such as Ansell Ltd., 3M Corporation, Showa Group, and Honeywell Safety Products. On a regional level, local vendors are predicted to give a tenacious fight. Market players and entrants are foretold to adopt innovative

American Whiskey Market: Higher Demand expected due to Rapid urbanization!

The alcoholic beverage industry has witnessed a dramatic transition in terms of sales over the past few years. American whiskey is one of the most preferred type of beverage among the consumers.  American whiskey is a form of distilled beverage predominantly manufactured in the U.S. from fermented mash of cereal grain. All types of American whiskey are made from mashes with approximately 51% of their named grains. Rapid urbanization is

Reebok SB-01 Space Boots Labeled Revolutionary Footwear for Astronauts

New space boots by Reebok, SB-01 has been prognosticated to be a game-changing innovation in footwear for astronauts. In the last 50 years or so, there could hardly be any memories of space boots being innovated or updated until this exposition of avant-garde breakthrough was introduced by the footwear giant. The company has been expected to shake hands with David Clark Company over the business of upgrading space boots. With

Handbags Market: Hot Trend in Fashion Industry spreading wings across the Globe

Handbags have been a core part of the fashion and accessories industries for a long time now. Designers dedicated to creating fashion statements in the global handbag market are both, parts of a large fashion corporation or individual companies of all sizes. As with most branches of the fashion industry, handbags are often subject to an incredibly high volume of local manufacturers that recreate original products from top brands to


Vaping is now the new smoking. More and more smokers are turning to vape pens thanks to the smoother taste, more affordable price, and better smell. However, newcomers to the vaping lifestyle may be a bit confused about the e-juice or e-liquid creation process. To help clear things up, here’s a look at the differences between Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), the odorless liquids combined with nicotine and