Petrol Prices in India to Change Daily: Government

Indians are in for a wild ride come June 16, as the nation’s government has announced that the costs of petrol as well as diesel are likely to be revised on a daily basis. This change is aligned to what most of the developed economies are doing, by synchronizing the fuel prices daily with the international rates. The pilot was run in five cities already and has met with success.

GST Bill to Change Course of India’s Economic Situation, says PM

The long debated GST bill is scheduled to be launched on the 1st of July, 2017 after it was introduced as The Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act 2016. The GST bill is administered by the GST council under the Chairmanship of the Union Finance Minister of India. The bill basically proposes the amalgamation of numerous State and Central taxes into one individual tax. The implementation of GST is

Apple Users slowdown for Upgrading Devices, Demand Simple Features

Apple may have set benchmarks for features on iPhones and other electronic devices, but the company is grappling with a realistic issue. This is related to several features on these devices to be too complicated to be understood by many users. To address this, the company has been making efforts one of which is to explain the functional features of Messages app to users. The idea behind this is to

Demand for Gold Jewelry to Remain Unaffected by GST, insists ICRA

Presently, gold jewelry retailers are imposed with about 1% tax in most states, except Kerala wherein 5% VAT is levied. As Government of India implements GST, 3% tax will be extracted from the gold jewelers, but ICRA insists that the demand for gold products will remain constant, reasoning that waving off of farm loans in rural areas and increasing disposable income in urban parts of the country will provide the

Bitcoin and Ethereum Era Approaching Fast

Bitcoin had entered the financial scenes as early as 2009, and has since then changed the way the world sees financial aspects and most importantly, online transactions and the limitations on it. All these years have seen the evolution of the Bitcoin which is now being used more and more across many virtual tables. Business, however, is likely to get its new makeover, in the form of the Ethereum. This

Greenlight Bags US$7.5 Million to Provide Smart Debit Card for Kids

Gone are the days when parents used to handover some cash to their kids as allowance. In this age of technological sophistication, you could barely find cash lying around. Greenlight has launched a new smart debit card for kids which can be given to them by their parents. The Greenlight smart debit card has offered attractive features concerning the financial safety of children and how they can be financially responsible.

Plex announces DIY TV Streaming Service at Competitive Prices

Plex, the popular personal media player system originally meant for organizing users’ personal media collections is setting the tone for watching live over-the-air TV using a digital antenna. Prior to this, the company expanded to serve the cost cutter market with the introduction of DVR capabilities that enabled users to record their favorite programs. Keeping up with the move, Plex is enhancing its support for recording over-the-air signals that will

Magicpin Collects US$7.0 Million Investment for More Retail Magic

Proclaiming itself as the “social network for local experiences,” India-based Magicpin has taken massive strides in its business that connects consumers to local merchants by closing a US$7.0 mn Series B round. To date, the company has raised more than a US$10.0 mn on the strong backs of confidential overseas investors, Westbridge, and Lightspeed India Partners. Anshoo Sharma, CEO of two-year old Magicpin, revealed the company could generate a US$40.0

Study Recommends Hiking Tobacco Price to Reduce its Consumption

Michael Kunze, a renowned social medicine expert, has dedicated almost 30 years to studying the relation between tobacco pricing and tobacco consumption. As per the study, a meager one per cent hike in tobacco prices is bound to reduce its consumption by 0.5%. Following his footsteps, a diploma student called Richard Felsinger completed a study on the pricing policy between 1997 and 2015. The results of the analysis are now

New CEO Jim Hackett Faces Big Task to Rejuvenate Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company have announced the appointment of Jim Hackett, previously the head of Ford’s Smart Mobility division, to replace outgoing CEO Mark Fields. Apart from his valuable experience in Ford’s own Smart Mobility division, Hackett is also well-known for his time as CEO of Steelcase, a furniture company based in Michigan. The appointment comes at a crucial juncture for Ford Motor Company, with the company struggling to maintain a

Oil Prices Plummet Following OPEC Rollover

Various ministers from non-OPEC and OPEC countries that export oil reached an agreement for extending their present production cuts over the period of next nine months up to March 2018. The front-month prices of Brent Crude Futures closed down at $2.50 per barrel, translating to more than 4%. The decline in prices was evident when OPEC declared that it would roll over the existing production cuts instead of deepening them.

15 Ecommerce Checkout Success Factors – Infographic

An online marketer understands how payments could be the number one factor to the success of your ecommerce business. It is essential that checkout actions are made as structured and uncomplicated as possible. However, there are still lots of companies that have failed to generate a competent procedure. These shortcomings in reality have been conversion killers. For both established brand names and startups, the failure of these procedures should set