Can Magnonic Devices Replace Electronics?

Can Magnonic Devices Replace Electronics?


Electronic devices including transistors are getting smaller which can limit its conventional performance. While the devices based on the magnonic currents can transform the industry, a better understanding is imperative for better controlling.

The team at the University of California, Riverside took an important step toward the development of practical magnonic devices. A group led by Alexander Balandin developed a chip, which could develop a magnonic current and flow, or spinning wave. The paper, “The discrete noise of magnons,” is an important story in Applied Physics Letters. This will also cover other upcoming issues. For this study, the level of noise has a link with the propagation of magnon current.

All existing electronics are working on the electronic devices, which includes metals and semiconductors. As the electrons pass these materials, which leads to high resistance, energy dissipation, and heating. Heating is inevitable when the current passes through wire due to resistance and collision of electrons. Thus, the scientists are trying to explore the other ways for building the electronic device.

Noise is current fluctuations, which is important for evaluating electronic device, and is suitable for practical applications. However, noise hampers the device’s performance.

Emergence of Magnonics for Building Electronics


Another field of gadgets called magnonics attempts to manufacture gadgets for data processing and enhancing storage capacity. Electron noise has recognized before few years, thus the research on the magnon noise is less.

Would the disclosure of abnormal noise hinder the development of magnonic devices?

The first trial gadgets manufactured by researchers are working in depth for studying the physical instruments of magnon noise. In addition, they wanted to test a significantly small version of these devices.

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