Building Smarter Homes through Internet of Things (IoT)

Building Smarter Homes through Internet of Things (IoT)


Smart technologies are gradually tending towards being the next big thing on the planet. Several sectors and industries are on the verge of attaining reckon through the usage of smart technologies. Smart devices, in essence, refer to digital appliances, gadgets, or systems that can connect with other systems to provide enhanced experiences. It is anticipated that smart devices will act as the harbingers of smart homes due to their ability to connect smart phones, remote controls, and laptops. In India, smart homes are expected to be the next step in the process of urbanization and development. A number of residential longitudes have already started using smart technologies using Internet of Things (IoT). Technologies such as smart lighting systems, smart doors, and smart home assistants are some of the technologies that are being used in modern Indian houses.

Smart Devices in Indian Homes

Smart vacuum cleaners are amongst the latest technologies being used in Indian homes. These vacuum cleaners have the ability to navigate through the house and are equipped with sensors to identify allergens and dust particles. Smart lighting systems are another key smart technology that has pervaded Indian homes. These lighting systems can sync with your video and audio devices to give enhanced lighting experiences. The light palette generated by these systems creates a unique ambience and adds to the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Future of Smart Devices

Although Indian homes are far from being called smart homes in their entirety, yet there is tremendous potential for the future. The workload is expected to be significantly reduced with completing overhauling of homes.

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