Bubble Bag: Offers Excellent Moisture Resistance, Good Insulation and Great Ease of Handling

Bubble Bag: Offers Excellent Moisture Resistance, Good Insulation and Great Ease of Handling

Bubble bags are packaging products made up of resins such as high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and recycled polyethylene, and contains numerous small air pockets. It comes with air retention technology which prevents bubble cell from losing air and provides extra protection while transportation and handling. Bubble bags are light weight, transparent and reduce freight and packaging costs. It also offers excellent moisture resistance, protection against abrasion, good insulation and great ease of handling. It is designed for packaging of fragile products such as electronic goods, pharmaceutical products, antiques and automobile parts among others. Bubble bags are economical, reusable, quick to use and ideal for faster wrapping, hence it widely used in packing industry.

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Bubble bags are commercially available with different functionality such as antistatic bubble bags, water resistance bubble bags, bubble envelops, and heavy duty bubble bags. Antistatic bubble bags are widely used for packaging of electronics components in order to protect it from static damage. While bubble envelopes are used for packaging of CD’s, DVD’s, jewelry and antiques etc. Bubble bags are also available with adhesives and cohesive insulation, which provides self-sealing adhesive strip.

Bubble Bag Market: Market Dynamics

Growing end-use industries such as electronics, FMCG, E-commerce and packaging are key drivers to promote continuous growth of the global bubble bags market. Owing to its value added applications from protection of goods to its safe distribution and transportation, it is expected to see new investments in its market especially in developing countries. The global bubble bags market is expected to grow steadily in developed nations, as consumers will continue to need this product for shopping and handling. Additionally, role of private consumers, retailer, and local packaging firms, who are more focus on delivering the goods in local market is expected to augment the demand of bubble bags.

However, sustainability of the global bubble bags market is majorly depends on the price and supply of raw materials. Presence of big and small packaging firms created highly competitive market environment for bubble bags market.

The market is well established in North America and western countries, and it is expected to grow linearly over the forecast period. Growing economies such as China, India and Brazil are expected to emerge as most attractive geographical segment in global Bubble Bag Market. This is primarily because of shifting of industrial manufacturing of electronics and automobile components from North America and Europe to Asia Pacific, and rapidly expanding end-use industries such as e-commerce, FMCG and packaging in China and India. Similarly, Latin America and MEA are expected to create opportunities for the bubble bags manufacturers, because of increasing demand for consumer goods in these regions.

Bubble Bag Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in global bubble bag market are as follow as;

  • Miller Supply Inc.
  • Desco Industries Inc.
  • Tip Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
  • Polybags Limited
  • 3A Manufacturing
  • Carters Packaging Ltd.
  • Abco Kovex Ltd.
  • Weihai Fujingtang New Products Co., Ltd.