Facebook to bring in New Privacy Code, move coincides with Cox’s Exit

Facebook to bring in New Privacy Code, move coincides with Cox’s Exit

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Facebook makes news again this time for the departure of one of its oldest leaders, Chris Cox. Throwing light on his departure, Cox described it related to Facebook’s vision to bring in place a completely new strategy for product direction. The vision involves shifting each and every application of Facebook towards private, encrypted messaging, and not by public feeds, as unveiled by Zuckerberg last week.

The product vision move by Facebook is in line with today’s subject matter. The strategy for modern communications platform to serve balance of expression, security, safety, and privacy. The big project, as perceived will require new leaders excited to see through the new direction, Cox added.

Despite stability, Facebook witnessed dramatic Executive Structure change last May

Prior to this, in last May, Facebook made news for reorganizing its executive structure. This was despite stability in its executive ranks for a decade. In a series of dramatic changes, two top executives moved to oversee a blockchain division, and two new leaders positioned for WhatsApp and Facebook News Feed.

But the striking change was the appointment of a leader for a group to monitor privacy initiatives. The move never heard in Facebook history. And it was no other but the company’s chief product officer to be at the helm of the group. The appointment of Chris Cox – one of the most trusted leader to Zuckerberg, came as a move for consolidation of power. With this, leaders of Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook app would all report to this new created positioned.

However, despite gaining attention lately for his epic-length blog posts, Zuckerberg has been discrete about the entire restructure. The strategic thinking behind the restructure kept to himself.

Meanwhile, another strategy pertaining to privacy began to percolate.

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