Brain-to-vehicle Intelligence for Real-time Autonomous Drive Personalization

Brain-to-vehicle Intelligence for Real-time Autonomous Drive Personalization


Development of brain activity analysis and real-time detection continues to gather pace in the car industry with the advancement of cutting-edge technology. In order to improve real-time autonomous drive personalization and driver performance in their automobiles, Nissan is using a similar technology that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. Interestingly, the brain-to-vehicle technology used by the car manufacturer is said to be the first of its kind. It measures the driver’s brain activity with the help of electroencephalography (EEG). A smart autonomous AI system then analyzes the collected data and transforms it into actionable information to be used within the vehicle.

New Technology Helps with Brain-led Enhancement of Driver Performance

Helping drivers to drive better, brain-led improvement of driver performance is one of the immediate and important applications of the wearable technology by Nissan. The prediction ability whilst the vehicle is in manual driving mode makes this possible. The technology prompts the vehicle to react quicker as it identifies signs about a movement that the driver is ready to undertake: braking or accelerating. Thus, the technology promises a more enjoyable, safer, and smoother ride for both passengers and drivers.

Nissan also pointed out the potential of the technology to be used for future applications. For instance, integrating brain-to-vehicle technology with AI and the vehicle’s internal environment could help to achieve a more relaxing and enjoyable journey. In the next 5-10 years, the world may see full practical application of the technology, according to a statement by the car company. The new brain-to-vehicle technology is expected to take practicality, safety, and comfort of future travel to the next level.

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