BlessU-2 – Robot Priest Offering Blessings at German Church

BlessU-2 – Robot Priest Offering Blessings at German Church


Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau in Germany have developed a robot priest called BlessU-2, which offers automated blessings by beaming lights from his hands and pronouncing the words. To mark the 500th year since the publication of “The Ninety-Five Theses,” which is regarded as a stepping stone for the spread of the Protestant Reformation, this unique robot was launched at the town of Wittenberg.

 Robot Priest offers Blessings in Both Male & Female Voices

The robot consists of two arms on the side of a touch screen metal box at the center, along with a head that has a digital mouth to utter the blessings. Visitors are offered warm welcome wishes by the robot priest, who then asks for the preferred gender voice and the type of blessing. Once these two choices are entered, the robot priest raises its arms and makes a smile in mechanical sound. A glittering of lights follows, presenting an aura to behold. Then, the robot priest recites the desired biblical verse, after greeting message of “God bless and protect you.”

Church Visitors Offered Print of the Dictum

Not only the verbal blessings and iteration of biblical verses, visitors of this church in Germany with robot priest also gives out print of the dictum in order to inspire discussions. BlessU-2 was intentionally not given a humanly look, differentiating it from appearing as god, and serving the purpose of inspiring with its distinct aura. Church’s spokesman, Sebastian von Gehren, has revealed that robot priest is not a center of attraction, with several people coming every morning and evening.