Bed Ridden? These Games Will Give You The Best Sense Of Freedom

Being bed ridden, no matter for how long or for what reason, is not a very pleasant experience and can be enough to drive even the calmest person a little mad. This is especially true if you’re normally the type who enjoys exploration and adventure, in which case you can feel claustrophobic almost as you are unable to leave your room.

Fortunately though there are various forms of escapism you can use in these situations in order to regain some feeling of freedom. These include computer games which are particularly effective in allowing you to explore virtual worlds and to regain your sense of movement.

So if you want to play a computer game that will let you feel free and forget that you’re trapped in bed, what would be the best one to try? Read on for a few good candidates…


All gamers know that one of the best games in terms of exploration and the sensation of an ‘open world’ is Skyrim. Skyrim is set in a fantasy environment complete with dragons, demons and a range of other creatures. This gives it a very ‘LordOfTheRings’ type of feeling which is further enhanced by the huge vistas and sprawling mountains.

When you first gain control of your character and step out into the great outdoors in fact you will be literally be blown away by the scope of what there is to explore. There’s a main storyline of course, but much of what makes Skyrim so incredible to play is the feeling of freedom and discovery as you trek across wide open plains and encounter dragons, bandits and hidden caves.

Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations is a game that’s at the complete other end of the spectrum compared to Skyrim. This is a strictly linear arcade-style platform game that harkens back to the days of the MegaDrive only with greatly updated graphics.

What makes Sonic Generations really amazing though and such a rush is the sheer sense of speed it accomplishes as you blast through loop-de-loops and launch yourself across wide open chasms. There are branching pathways to take, but really this game is about experiencing what it might feel like to run faster than the speed of sound. In short, exhilarating.


GTA V is another ‘sandbox’ game in a similar sense to Skyrim. However what GTA has over Skyrim is an urban environment and a ton of vehicles that you can make your own. You can even steal planes and find yourself smashing them into the skyline. The world is incredibly detailed and really there’s very little that you can’t do in this well-crafted world.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex is an action RPG similar to Skyrim, but has an entirely different tone and setting – this time a dystopian future world where bionic limb enhancements are common and where the cities are bathed in a high-tech golden light.

But what gives Deus Ex its sense of freedom is the importance it places on choice. Throughout the game you’ll be given the opportunity to make many decisions, but unlike other games these decisions will play out to have huge impacts on the course of the narrative and even the gameplay. Do you become a stealth-based character, or do you improve your hand to hand combat skills and turn the game into a fighting game? Do you choose to betray characters along the way, or do you become a superhero? Every decision you make will have far-reaching implications, just as in real life and this will give you the freedom to become who you want to be within the game and to play the way you want to play.

Many games right now then can give you an incredible sense of freedom, but the truly amazing experiences are going to come in the following years – particularly as we begin to deliver on the promise of virtual reality. Imagine being able to actually step into another world?

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