Bandwidth Approval for IoT Expected to Increase Usage

Bandwidth Approval for IoT Expected to Increase Usage


The commercial sector in Bangkok is expected to spruce up its technology side thanks to a new approval for bandwidth allocation for Internet of Things tech. The new technologies are expected to run at a faster 920-925 MHz, a bandwidth officially approved for IoT use by the National Telecommunications Commission of Bangkok.

IoT Gateway Usage to Rise
Kampol Choksuntasut, the Thailand IoT Consortium president, stated that the regulator’s approval for IoT bandwidth allocation is extremely likely to increase the use of imported equipment and sensors within the IoT gateway by at least 10 percent. At the moment, close to 200 IoT players are operating in the local market. The new spectrum availability will ensure the emergence of a strong private sector in the IoT tech space. The rate of innovations and inventions is certainly expected to rise. A number of inventions are already under examination for proof of concept, and their approval would add massive commercial value to the market.

Smart City Concepts to Roll Out Faster
The concepts and technologies behind the creation of a smart farming or even smart cities are expected to get the ball rolling very soon. At present, the global utility spectrum of IoT devices ends at 915 MHz, and multiple frequencies can be used at the same time, including Narroband IoT and 2.4 GHz.

The short term benefits, as mentioned by Choksuntasut, will be a likely emergence of new types of IoT communications offerings and players that are merged with mobile operators and technologies.