Automotive Touch Screen Control System Market: Analysis of Prevailing Trends in the Parent Market

Automotive touch screen control system can control various functions in the vehicle by eliminating many of the switches, buttons and cluttered dials that populate the dashboard of a vehicle. Automotive touch screen control system can provide fast response time, unlimited touch identification, low power consumption and robust operation to touch-based designs. Automotive touch screen control system provides quick access to various temperature control systems, allowing fine-tuning and controlling of the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

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The touch screen control system in a vehicle can be controlled with a few quick taps and swipes, allowing people to skip through songs or find the desired radio station with the ease. Furthermore, automotive touch screen control system enables immediate access to important data such as engine status, inside and outside temperatures, battery levels, tire pressure and fuel efficiency. Automotive touch screen control system make vehicular scans and diagnostics easier for both drivers and technicians.

Automotive touch screen control system market is expected to grow due to increasing popularity for the automotive touch screens among various consumers. As, the automotive touch screen provide ease of functioning and various attractive features. Various prominent companies from automotive industry are adopting and innovating the automotive touch control system in their vehicles to attract various consumers. For instance, Tesla’s new Model S has come up with the significant in-car multimedia system with a 17-inch capacitive touch screen control with various features including a music player, hand-free calling, a navigation system, climate controls, a rear-view camera and other features.

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Moreover, Luxury German automakers BMW has come up with an innovative touch screen control system wherein user can move his/her finger in a counter-clockwise or clockwise circle in front of the touchscreen to change the stereo volume. There are several other unique features that make Automotive touch screen control system ideal to be use in car, which are attracting the attention of lot of consumers. Automotive touch screen control system can identify touches from drivers with long fingernails or gloved fingers, allowing the driver to operate the screen in all situations. People can avoid accidental activation of a radio or changing the temperature of a car by setting the screen to filter out accidental touches based on shape, size, opacity and pressure.