Automotive Supercharger Market: Efficiency Enhancement of Engines as Key Element Driving Market Growth

Automotive Supercharger Market: Efficiency Enhancement of Engines as Key Element Driving Market Growth

The global market for automotive superchargers is witnessing a surge in demand owing to the increased ability of these superchargers to increase efficiency of engines by supplying added pressure to the internal combustion systems in race cars and other vehicles. These superchargers have formed a niche for themselves due to their relevance and employability across the domain of race cars in specific and all other vehicles in general. A report by Transparency Market Research titled, “Automotive Supercharger Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025” encapsulates the various market dynamics that aid the proliferation of the market. Automotive superchargers have a high rate of Rotations Per Minute (RPM), offer 46% more horsepower than normal superchargers, and can function at normal temperature. This effectuates their demand and magnifies their utility across the automotive domain.

The concerns to increase the engine output have been at the helm of the automotive industry and these superchargers succinctly enhance the output of the engine, thus, vindicating their utility. The easy installation of these superchargers persuades the manufacturers to resort to their usage which in turn propels the demand for these chargers. Furthermore, the automotive superchargers are acquainted with real time power delivery that spurs their relevance in internal combustion engines of airplanes. This is an important driver for the market because the aircrafts’ industry is a lucrative reaper of profits for the automotive supercharger market. The ability of these chargers to supplement power to the vehicles without causing any lags is also a magnetic pull for the market.

Despite the efficiency of automotive superchargers, the turbocharger could be an obstructive element for the market. Superchargers perform similar functions as the automotive superchargers, and the latter also has an added advantage of fuel efficiency and popularity amongst car manufacturers. Moreover, the escalating costs of deployment of automotive superchargers owing to the use of heavy duty elements in their genesis could also be a speck of hindrance for the market.

Nevertheless, the opportunities that prevail in the market outdo the threats that have cropped up against the market. Electric automotive superchargers employ hybrid technologies that could significantly tone down the costs of development, thus, attracting a customer base for the product. The growing awareness about the nascent automotive technologies is an ardent contributor to the growth of the market. Multistate supercharging is expected to dominate the landscape in the coming years which is another plus point for the market. The ability of automotive superchargers to enhance the torque in racing vehicles will undoubtedly be a major driver for the market.

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The developed countries have been swift adopters of automotive superchargers that has proliferated their demand across these regions. North America and Europe are reigning forward in the market and are expected to be the highest contributors to the total revenue of the market. The advancements in automotive technologies along with the increased impetus to the betterment of vehicles and their performance would act as the major booster for these regional markets. Other key regions where the market for automotive superchargers is propelling include Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and South America.

The market players are expected to engage in key research and development in order to reap a higher market share by outdoing competitors. Some of the key market players include Pagani Automobili S.p.A., Porsche, Paxton Automotive, Ferrari N.V., Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., SFX Performance, LTD., Koenigsegg Automotive AB., Ford Motor Company, Accessible Technologies, Inc.,Rotrex A/S., Magnuson Supercharger, and Daimler AG.