Automotive Parking Heater Market: Mobile Applications for Controlling Automotive Parking Heater Becoming a Trend

Automotive Parking Heater Market: Mobile Applications for Controlling Automotive Parking Heater Becoming a Trend

download (3)Transparency Market Research has published a new report, titled “Automotive Parking Heater Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” According to the report, this market is benefiting immensely from the growth of aftermarket do-it-yourself solutions market. With the increasing popularity of DIY products, the focus of vendors is now shifting towards this direction. Customers are increasingly preferring DIY products because of their portability, ease of installation, and cost effectiveness. The automotive parking heater market will also receive impetus from increasing popularity of connected solutions.

Mobile applications are being used for remotely controlling the various functions of vehicles such as charging batteries and be fixing navigation destinations. A case in point will be BMW. BMW provides mini connected iOS app for accessing social media such as Facebook, Twitter, the ability to send Google map destinations to navigation system in automobiles.

Some of the other important factors boosting the demand for automotive parking heaters is the thriving automotive sector across the globe and growing awareness regarding the benefits of these heaters. Some of the benefits include rapidly freeing the windows of the vehicle from snow and ice, thereby preventing re-freezing and also ensuring the temperature of the interiors of the car, stays comfortable. They help preheat automotive interiors of the vehicle so that the temperature is comfortable for both driver and passenger, and works for both diesel and gasoline automobiles.

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These heaters have remote accessibility and can be used with smartphone applications, remote control, and timer. These heaters can also preheat vehicle engine. This in turn helps bring about significant reduction in the emission of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide which tends to be very high as compared to engine with a cold start. Hence, automotive parking heaters are extremely beneficial when the climate of a region is very harsh and it is important to maintain a comfortable temperature in the vehicle interiors and engine.