Automotive E-Tailing Market: Important changes in market dynamics

Automotive E-Tailing Market: Important changes in market dynamics


The global market for automotive e-tailing has gained immense traction in recent times, mostly due to a rising inclination towards internet-based shopping.  E-tailing or electronic retailing is a system that enables the purchase of products and services from public access websites. Automotive parts and components have also become available for purchase across several websites, thus, giving rise to automotive e-tailing. The automotive industry is characterized by a high-level of specialization and a wide range of products that need to be continually supplied to the market. It is due to this reason that online selling channels for automotive products have taken shape, and are expected to keep growing over the coming years. The market for automotive e-tailing is expected to grow alongside a widening consumer base for automotive parts and components.

In order to provide a comprehensive outlook on the global market for automotive e-tailing, the market has been segmented based on the following parameters:  type of vendor, type of service, and geography. It is important to understand the forces operating in each of the regional market to understand the overall market.

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Global Automotive E-Tailing Market: Trends and Opportunities

E-commerce has emerged as a wide area of business in the contemporary times, and several new products and services can now be purchased via online channels. Moreover, businesses as well as individuals are showing a propensity to buy essential products online rather than wasting time in the spatial markets. The aforementioned trend holds true for the automotive industry as well, resulting in bulk order for automotive parts and components at e-commerce websites. Hence, the global market for automotive parts is surging ahead at a boisterous pace, and is expected to keep attracting positive demand from the masses. Moreover, the option of same-day delivery has been an attractive pursuit for the customers which also propels demand within the automotive e-tailing market.

Despite the growing popularity of e-tailing, the mortar and brick stores currently to a wider consumer base as against e-tailing websites. Notwithstanding this hindrance, the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles has been increasing across the globe which is expected to reap positive results for the market.

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Global Automotive E-Tailing Market: Regional Outlook

The market in North America is prognosticated to dominate all other regional segments owing to dual reasons; first, the prominence of the e-commerce industry in the region, and secondly, the wide product portfolio of the automotive sector. Moreover, U.S., Mexico, and Canada have shown an inclination towards e-tailing, thus, contributing to the growth of the regional market.

Global Automotive E-Tailing Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players in the global market for automotive e-tailing are Amazon (the U.S), Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (China), eBay Motors (the U.S), and AutoZone, Inc. (the U.S).